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Keloids are an expansion of fibrous scar tissue which extends beyond the original wounds. Keloids can occur on wounds including surgical incisions, insect bites, burns, scratches, surgeries, body piercings, acne and much more. The formation of keloids usually begins on the wound itself but can expand beyond the region. The color of keloids varies from being pink to deep brows. Keloids are more serious version of scaring and can result in itching and mild pain as well. All things considered, it is not something which cannot be cured. Thanks to the technological advancements in skin care industry, you can now get a keloids scars removal treatment.

Symptoms of keloids scarring

Following are the 4 major symptoms of keyloids scarring:

  • Formation of a pink colored scar
  • Formation of a rigid lump
  • An itchy, dry patch of skin
  • Growth of scar tissue

Causes of Keloids Scarring

There are many causes that might be attributed to Keloids scarring, but the major ones are enlisted below:

  • Burns
  • Ear piercings
  • Body piercings
  • Surgical procedures

Treatment for keloids scars removal

It is important to seek a treatment as soon as you encounter scar formation to forbid it from spreading further. Some key treatments for removal of scar tissues include:

Corticosteroid injections

These injections are administered directly to the wound. They remove the scar formation by reducing inflammation which has a direct effect on the appearance of the scalp.

Moisturizing oils

There are multiple moisturizing oils which are used as a natural keloids Scars Removal in Abu Dhabi. This is not an overnight fix and requires consistency. However, this is only effective when keloids scars are in their initial phases and haven’t spread further.

Silicone gel pads

Some surgeons make use of the silicone based gel pads for removal of the scar tissue. It is also use as a preventive measure at the time of surgery.

Cold Compressions

Use of cold compressions can significantly reduce the appearance of keloids scar. It is one of the most effective at home keloids scars removal treatment to get rid of scaring. it kills the keloids tissue by freezing it permanently.

Laser treatments

Laser treatment for keloids scars removal is the only efficient way to treat keloids scars permanently. Therefore, it is important to choose the right surgeon for the surgery.

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