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Kate Moss is considered as one of the wealthiest and greatest Models of her time, she was discovered back in 1988 in the age of 14, after five years of discovery she became the biggest model of England. She’s known for her Heroin Chin and her size zero figure. In her peak time, she got into drugs and alcohol that caused devastating effects on her body and by the end of 1999 she had lost her charming face, beautiful smile and perfect chin. Scars started forming on her face due to excessive use of drugs and alcohol. After returning from rehab, she had to go through several cosmetic treatments to get her facial beauty back. Shortly after her return she got pregnant and had a child that caused wrinkles to form on her body and excessive fats to be deposit on her body parts. She had to go through several cosmetic treatments to treat her conditions.


Kate Moss is known for her perfect Size Zero figure and her Heroin chin but drugs and alcohol caused destruction to her pretty face especially after the rehab she had to go through several treatments to end her dark circles and dark patches in her eyes also she had to treat her sagged skin. Even in her thirties, she used to look 50 and she had to work hard to get back in shape. the cosmetic treatments she had to go through are following

  • Dark patches treatment
  • Dark circles treatment
  • Wrinkles and fine lines treatment
  • scars treatment
  • Lipolysis/liposuction treatment

Dark patches treatment

After drug addiction, Kate Moss went through several treatments due to get her old body back and her skin was almost transformed. Dark patches were formed around her face and she had to get dark patches treatment through laser or chemical peels as they are the most common cosmetic treatment options available. Oxygen facial treatment is normal temporary treatment available for celebrities to give fresh, tighter and brighter skin to the celebrities before going onstage.

Dark circles treatment

Kate Moss developed Dark circles when she started smoking two packs a day cigarettes and doubled her alcohol consumption, even after her rehab period, the dark circles didn’t left and she had to get rid of them through proper cosmetic treatment. There are several other treatment procedures that she could’ve used such as

  • Micro-needling treatment for dark circles
  • Laser treatment

Micro needling treatment works in way that the tiny insertions are made to the skin to cause micro injuries to the infected cells so that the healing process can be initiated to heal the infected cells with boosted collagen production.

Laser treatment is known as the most advanced treatment procedure and it can be applied anywhere on different frequencies to heal different kinds of facial problems. The laser treatment is non invasive and non surgical treatment in nature and it works by applying the laser gun from outside the skin at specific wavelength to destroy the infected skin cells and to boost the collagen production so that the newly generated skin is tighter and brighter in nature.

Wrinkles and fine lines treatment

Wrinkles became part of Kate Moss’s body in early age because of the drug abuse, she still suffers from wrinkles but they are now controlled. She had to go through several sessions to get rid of her wrinkles and fine lines. There are several treatment options that can help in getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. For example peels treatment is considered as the best way to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles as it allows the treatment to be done faster and without any side effects. It is better because wrinkles and fine lines treatment can be done on whole face. There are three major variations of the peels treatment i.e. Chemical peels, Herbal peels and laser peels. They are differentiated on basis of their treatment solution but in the end they all provide the same result


After pregnancy, Kate Moss gained considerable amount of weight and it was clear from her overweight pictures that her size zero figure is dead but she went through several liposuction/Lipolysis treatments to get rid of excessive weight and now the celebrity is back with her looks.

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