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Jessica Alba How To Look Five Years Younger

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Jessica Alba is considered as the ideal teen actress who rose to fame at the age of 13 with the movies like ‘Camp to Nowhere’. Her lead role in the series ‘Dark Angel’ gave her a new life when she won the Golden Globe award for it. Her contribution as ‘Sue Storm’ in the famous ‘Fantastic Four’ movie won her the Favorite Female Movie Star. She has been modeling for some years and also is a successful businesswoman. She’s known to steal all the attention on the Red carpet because of her beauty and she’s known to visit dermatologist now and then to maintain her beauty. It is visible from her photos that she went through several celebrity cosmetic treatments to achieve this glowing skin and perfect body. The list of Cosmetic Treatments that Jessica Alba went through is under

  • Oxygen Facial treatment
  • Nose Treatment
  • Breast Treatment
  • Skin Whitening Treatment
  • Face Lift

Oxygen Facial Treatment

Oxygen facial treatment nowadays is not considered as a treatment by the celebrities as it has taken shape of a regular routine; celebrities like Madonna, Kim Kardashian and even Justin Timberlake have their own Oxygen facial machine to treat their skin anytime, anywhere. The Oxygen Facial machine provides fast results and even allows the patient to wear makeup right after the treatment.

Oxygen Facial was discovered back by Australian doctors who used it as Chemotherapy but results of Oxygen Facial were better in field of cosmetic treatment. Now it is used by all the celebrities to treat the cosmetic problems related to acne, wrinkles, facial lines, and skin tone related issues. The treatment is available in four types based on the cosmetic problems and their implementation and the treatment has lasting effects dependent on the type of oxygen facial treatment done. Oxygen Facial treatment is non invasive and non surgical in nature and allows the application of makeup right after the treatment, that’s the reason it is considered as the best treatment available.

Skin Whitening Treatment

Skin Whitening Treatment is done to achieve the best skin tone color possible and if the treatment is done properly, it can result in boost in the skin tone upto three times. Different methods are available for the procedure of Skin Whitening but most of the times the peeling treatment is used to achieve the best and even results on all parts of the body. The peeling treatment is applicable on the hands, neck and face. There are three major kinds of peel treatment available i.e. Chemical peels, Herbal Peels and Laser Peels. The treatment is done by applying the peeling formula to the treatment area that penetrates the skin to initiate the blistering of the skin and also initiates the collagen production with cell regeneration. The peeled off skin causes the new skin to grow which is free of all the cosmetic problems and that’s the reason why it is favorite treatment of Celebrities. Removal of Acne Scars, Birthmarks, Veins, surgical scars and skin tone boosting can be achieved with the help of peeling treatment.

Face Lift Treatment

Face lift treatment is done under supervision of qualified dermatologist and is considered as important treatment to get rid of acne scars, birthmarks, surgical scars, wrinkles, blemishes, freckles and fine lines. Facelift treatment provides one stop result for the cosmetic problems and that’s the reason it is considered as important celebrity treatment. Most of the celebrities go through acne trouble in their early childhood and it is said that Jessica Alba had acne problems as well. The treatment is mostly done with the help of laser machine that penetrates the skin without any surgery or any pain. The treatment area is pre-marked by the dermatologist and the treatment time is usually thirty to fifty minutes. You can easily resume the daily routine right after the treatment. The treatment procedure is free of downtime but care from sunlight and scratching the treatment area is advised for better treatment.

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