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There are several ways to boost the skin complexion and Oxygen facial treatment is one of it. Oxygen facial treatment was invented back in 2002 by Australian doctors who started Oxygen facial treatment to cure the cancer patients by chemotherapy. The Oxygen facial works in way that the special machine is used to deliver oxygen enriched with skincare ingredients to the outermost layer of the skin. The resultant is a fairer, tighter skin that has healed some of the major cosmetic problems like birthmarks and acne scars.

How it works

Oxygen facial in Dubai is considered as the most successful treatment procedure as it has been used by the TV/Cinema Stars for over the years for better camera appearance. Qualified dermatologist is consulted for treatment and the procedure of the Oxygen facial treatment consists of following steps

  • Cleansing of the skin of the treatment area
  • Exfoliation of the treatment area if required, for better results
  • The cleansed skin is analyzed by the Dermatologist to determine the best procedure and ingredient for precise treatment
  • The oxygen Facial treatment is applied to the body via facial machine.
  • You can continue your daily routine after the procedure; even makeup can be applied after hours of oxygen facial.

Types of treatment

There are actually four types of oxygen facial based on the type of ingredients and depth of the oxygen facial treatment in Dubai. The types are as following.

  • Rejuvenation: it is the most basic form of the Oxygen Facial treatment and cures the fine lines and wrinkles and gives cooling effect to the surface of the skin for healthier skin.
  • Opulence: it is treatment for uneven skin and provides brighter and luminous skin.
  • Clarity: as the name indicates, this treatment is focused on the elimination of cosmetic problems such as acne scars, birthmarks, and dark circles; not only clarity Oxygen Facial treatment in Abu Dhbai eliminates the scars but blocks them for future outbreak as well.
  • Atoxelene: the type of oxygen facial treatment that is considered as the complete procedure for cell regeneration and collagen production and is effective for almost all kinds of cosmetic problems including wrinkles, birthmarks and eye contour.

Is it worth it

Oxygen facial treatment in Abu Dhabi is considered as one of the most powerful treatment process available in the market and it is popular among celebrities for its instant action. Oxygen facial treats the skin instantly and even allows the patient to apply makeup or lotion to the skin right after the treatment. If you are going for a party and looking for instant treatment of dark circles, acne scars and brightening of the skin, then the Oxygen Facial treatment in Abu Dhabi is worth it. it is also worth mentioning that the Oxygen facial is long lasting treatment and prevents the outbreak of acne scars for longer period of time.

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