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The acne scars are the hardest cosmetic issue after the blackheads and both the treatments require specialized devices to help in getting rid of the problem. old treatments for acne scars and blackheads were painful in nature and even a decade ago, the reliable solution to the acne scars and blackhead used to be minor surgery but it all changed with the introduction of  microneedling treatment. Micro-needling treatment procedure was introduced back in the day but it went through changes and now the Micro-needling treatment is perfect and can be used to get rid of most of the treatments available. The number of sessions required to get rid of acne and black heads or any other cosmetic problem through Micro-needling differs but the problem is gotten rid of for sure.

How it works

Micro-needling treatment sounds like a problematic procedure but the treatment is almost painless and has almost no downtime. The treatment works in way that the micro-needles are used to create injuries inside the outer layer of the skin to initiate the collagen production and cell regeneration. The new skin cells are formed that are free of acne scars and are whiter and tighter in nature. The whole procedure works in following way

  • Consultation from the dermatologist
  • Preparation and marking of the treatment area
  • Washing and clearing the skin with the help of tools
  • Choosing the type of needles used for treatment
  • Application of treatment needles
  • Blowing of air to numb down the pain

Aesthetics can also be applied to numb down the pain for sensitive skin types. There are following care for the Micro needling treatment in Dubai

  • Exposure to direct sunlight
  • Use of blood-thickening medicines before and after the procedure
  • Use of alcohol and drugs is also not advised.

Types of micro-needling treatment

Micro needling treatment are of several types are they are being improved with every passing day. Typically two different types of needles are used, one setting is of non-insulated needles that are good for acne scars, whitening, scalp treatment, fine lines and face/neck lifting, stretch marks and complexion troubles whereas the other types is insulated needles that are good for scar treatment, deep lines and furrow treatment and other inner skin treatments.

Micro-needling treatment can be included with several other treatment procedures to boosts its effectiveness and reduction of downtime. For example the Radio Fractional comes included inside the latest micro-needling devices to boost the success of treatment by penetrating the skin cells with the help of laser and needles at the same time. Micro-needling treatment is also mixed with the PRP therapy to reduce the downtime of the treatment. PRP therapy works in way that patient’s blood is collected and then processed to separate the white blood cells for healing process. Just after the treatment,  the white blood cells are injected on the treatment area to boost the repair of the body. Not only it makes the procedure but it also helps in getting rid of scars quickly.

Is it painful?

The Micro needling Therapy is done by pinching the micro needles in the outer layer of the skin but the pain involved in the procedure is limited. For normal body patients, the pain involved is limited to rubber band hitting the body but to numb down the pain aesthetics can be applied to the treatment area and after the procedure, if you are feeling pain, dermatologists can help you by prescribing the painkillers. Swelling and itching typically is felt for almost 36 hours and it fades away after the time.

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