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The male life starts from waiting to grow old enough to grow a beard and then ends with trying to keep the excessive hair off from the body. Similar is the case with women, they spent half their life worrying about their excessive hair. Excessive hair are considered as a major problem in cosmetic industry as normal procedures only keep the hair away for at-most a month and then the regenerated hair are thicker than the previous ones. The home remedies to get rid of excessive hair are as under


It is the most commonly used method for treatment of excessive hair. Waxing is done by applying specialized wax on the excessive hair and then peeling it off using a paper strip or cloth. The excessive hairs are removed by their roots and they cannot grow back for four to six weeks. The hard waxing is refined procedure in which the wax hardens and cools off allowing removal of hair without any need to strip or cloth. The treatment is painful in nature as the hairs are torn from their very roots.


Creams are used worldwide by women to get rid of excessive hair because the procedure is cheap and is painless in nature. Creams work in way that they are applied to the excessive hair and the cream sticks to hairs and then the cream is taken off with the help of paper strip by scrubbing the body. It removes the hair from the body parts for three to four weeks.


Tweezing is a method to get rid of excessive hair but it is applied to eye brows and eye lashes mostly because of its low treatment area and slow procedure. The tweezing is also called as plucking and is done by plucking the hair precisely. Threading on the other hand is done by using thread. The thread is applied to cut down the small hair from body parts such as eye brows and eye lashes.  It is quite a procedure as it requires precise tweezing and threading skills and getting rid of excessive hair is hard with this procedure.

Official treatment

Cosmetic treatments to get rid of excessive hair in Dubai are quite large in number. There are several treatment procedures available that can help you get rid of the excessive hair without undergoing any pain or downtime. Cosmetic treatments can help you get rid of excessive hair permanently. Some of the processes are discussed below


The only permanent excessive Laser Hair Removal treatment procedure recognized by FDA is Electrology. In this procedure adjusted current is passed through the hair cells to kill the bacteria causing hair growth, permanently. Electrology has been in use for over 130 years in USA and has been available globally for past decades. You can get rid of excessive hair in Dubai through Electrology under supervision of best dermatologists in Dubai.

Intense Pulsed Light

Intense Pulsed Light is recognized as one of the best treatments to remove excessive hair permanently in Dubai. Intense Pulsed light is used to destroy the hair cells to stop the growth of the excessive hair. To minimize the burn, aesthetics are applied to the body and then cooling device is used to cool down the skin after the treatment.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is relatively advanced procedure under use that can get rid of excessive hair without any problem. Laser treatment in Sharjah is done by destroying the hair cells with the help of laser gun set at specific frequency to keep the other cells of the body safe. The growth is completely destroyed by the laser without harming the body and it is done without causing any pain to the body. For sensitive skins, Aesthetics are applied to numb down the pain.

Diode Epilation

It is another way to get rid of excessive hair from the body without causing any pain in the body. Instead of intense pulsed light traditional therapy, LED diodes are used that work faster and are harmless in nature. The excessive Laser Hair Removal in Dubai done with the help of Diode Epilation provides patient with clear, tighter skin without causing any harm to the body.

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