Importance of Pre-Procedural Care For Skin Whitening in Abu Dhabi

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Pre-Operative Care plays a significant role in the outcome of Skin Whitening Treatment in Abu Dhabi and other skin care treatments as well. In this article, we will discuss:

  • Pre-Operative Care and purpose
  • Physical preparation
  • Psychological preparation
  • Informed consent

Let’s begin with what pre-operative care is and what’s its purpose in regards to skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Pre-Operative Care and purpose

Preoperative Care involves all the necessary measures which must be taken in order to maximize the results of skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi or any other treatment. It ensures that you do not face any complications during the procedure and you are well situated in your head. The dermatologist mainly targets four main areas:

  • Giving the patient complete guideline in regards to the physical preparation
  • Allowing patient to get psychologically situated
  • Fill in your prescriptions, ahead of time.
  • In-depth guidance on the procedure

Physical Preparation

Physical Preparation mainly focuses on determining whether you are the right prospect of Skin Whitening Treatment in Abu Dhabi and determining your medical history. They key measures you need to take include:

  • Finding a good clinic that has thousands of satisfied customers and has built up their reputation over the years
  • Once you have shortlisted the clinics, it is important to have a look at their dermatologists. The profiles of the dermatologists will reveal a lot about the kind of work, particular clinic offers.
  • Dermatologists will most likely ask for your medical history to ensure you do not suffer from any chronic diseases, prior to getting you on board for skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi.
  • The one main thing that your doctor needs to test for is to determine whether you are allergic to anesthesia or not.
  • The dermatologist will most likely hand you a list of care instructions to follow before skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi.


Instructions to follow

You must follow all the guidelines mentioned below for at least a month before the skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Limit your sun exposure as much as possible.
  2. Always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen, preferably SPF 50 or more.
  3. Do not go for any other skin care treatments.
  4. Avoid exfoliating your skin.
  5. Do not go for fake or natural tanning.
  6. Do not wear makeup on the day of the treatment.

Psychological Preparation

Psychological preparation involves laying out various options in front of a patient and choosing the one, he or she is the most comfortable with. Taking a holistic approach towards the patients builds a trust and comfort level between the doctor and the patient and it allows them to be calm throughout the procedure.

Some dermatologists go as far as showing the exact instruments and medications they will be using to their patients to make them more comfortable with the procedure.  Although skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi is a non-invasive procedure, some people are freaked out by the idea of the clinic and a needle. Psychological counseling is extremely important for them.

Informed Consent

Last but not the least is informed consent in regards to the skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi. It is a written consent by you to the clinic. It states that you are willingly undergoing the skin whitening treatment. The clinic enlists its policies in it and you are required to sign it. Remember to read each and everything and clarify any concerns with the Dermatologist or the management.

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