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The first thing a human being notices about another human is the facial hair and if these facial hairs are on women then the whole personality collapses in a second.  The biggest problem for women of today is the facial hair, especially the upper lip hair that can form a lady mustache if kept untreated for three weeks.


Facial hairs for women have been taboo since the very beginning and the biggest reason for the growth can be the hormonal imbalance. The pills for women causes’ facial hair to grow much faster and it gets hard to get them treated properly.

Upper lip hair removal

There are several ways to get the Upper lip hair removed. Some of them are painful whereas some of the methods allow the hair to be removed completely for long period of time. Some of the commonly used methods for Upper lip hair removal are

Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams are the most commonly used method to get rid of the facial hair and it is painless, quick and easy to use but the problem with hair removal creams is that the hair grow back and they grow  back thicker every time. The hair removal creams are cheap but need to be purchased every month.

Electronic blades

Electronic blades are another commonly used tool for women that allow Laser Hair removal in quick and easy steps but blade causes itching and the procedure is painful as compared to other methods. It is mildly expensive too as the cost of E-Blade and charging should be kept in mind while buying it.


The least expensive method is threading but it also is the most time consuming procedure without any accuracy. Threading is painful process but it can be done anytime, anywhere.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is the permanent one time procedure that removes all the facial hair on the face. The laser treatment eliminates the chances of regeneration of the facial hair allowing the client to be free of problem. The procedure is expensive but it is one time with 100% success rate.

To learn more about Upper Lips Hair Removal Permanently or to schedule a procedure, visit us at Skin Specialist in Dubai. You can also sign up for a free online consultation by taking a moment to fill in the form given below.

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