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It is said that markings on the body hold a significant impression on the person’s life. How to Remove a Tattoos have been the most generic form of expressing impression on the human body. History of tattoos goes back to 4900 Before Christ. From prison marks to king’s seal, the tattoos have been used in every kind of event and every class. Tattoos were used to symbolize the tribe, the rank and sometimes the punishment. In today’s world the tattoos are said to be form of body art that is used to symbolize the impression of one’s life but in some cases, the tattoo may take form of a cosmetic problem and tattoo removal may become necessary. In the old ages the tattoos were permanent and only painful methods were available to remove or fade the tattoo. According to a study about 50% of the tattooed people regret getting one in the first place, there are several reasons to it for example


Placement of the tattoo matters a lot as the body changes with time, the tattoo may become cosmetic problem. For example after excessive weight gain the tattoo may totally change due to change in body and vice versa during weight loss. Muscle formation after weight lifting may also cause damage to tattoo converting it into a cosmetic problem.

Change of heart

Most of the teenagers regret getting a tattoo by the age of maturity and there are several cases in which the tattoo was reminder of significant other so removing that tattoo becomes essential. According to recent survey, 60% of the removed tattoos were about their ex wife or ex girlfriend. Prison tattoos are also quite common in today’s world and one looks for removal after serving the sentence.

How to remove a Tattoo

Tattoo removal has been around since the day tattoos were discovered, initially the tattoo removal processes were painful because of the injected ink on the skin surface but recently several ways to remove the tattoo have been introduced that remove the tattoo without causing any pain. Removal processes like burning, replacing and peeling the skin used to cause damage to the body and instead of making healing the body, use to make it uglier. The painless answer to How to remove a tattoo without any pain is laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Removal in Abu Dhabi works in way that laser gun is applied to the area affected by the tattoo. The tattoo ink is then spitted into tiny particles that eventually fade away. The laser tattoo removal is non invasive procedure that allows the patient to continue their routine after the treatment and only minor itching and redness is felt on the treated area which goes away after some hours.

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