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Prevention is better than cure. We all have heard that. Right?

Now more than ever, individuals in their early 20s are getting a jump start on preventative skin aging by adopting certain measures and habits; applying sunscreen daily, cutting out processed food, incorporating a more nutrient-rich diet along with a great skin care routine. They are hoping for a payoff in years to come i.e. youthful skin. Sound familiar? It should because it is a well-known phenomenon that preventing anything is far better and easier than treating it. If you 20 something, here is an extensive guideline on how to prevent aging. However, of you have already surpassed your youth with a lot of negligence and bad eating habits, you can opt for fine lines and wrinkles treatment in Abu Dhabi. For the rest of you, continue reading;

1. Keep an eye on your medication.
 The list of most popular medication for those in their twenties include antibiotic, topical acne creams and birth control pills. However, as you get well into your 20s, they may no longer be necessary and could be negatively affecting the appearance of your skin. One of the major downfalls of birth control pills is the increased pigmentation, mainly on upper lip and forehead. If that’s the case, you need to reconsider the medication. Ask your doctor to change the pill. Something that will work in harmony with your skin.

  1. Avoid over drying your skin.

“Well, I can’t use a moisturizer. I break out because of it.” Sounds familiar? We all have said that a couple of times during our teens and possibly twenties as well. Guess what, moisturizing your skin will not make you breakout but over drying will.  If you are using extremely harsh cleansers and exfoliating agents. You will most likely dry out your skin which will result in more breakouts. If you want to avoid getting a fine lines and wrinkles treatment in Abu Dhabi as soon as you turn 30, you need to invest in a good moisturizer right now.

  1. Get to know your skin type and treat it wisely.

Using anything and everything on your skin is one of the prime reasons of premature aging. A dry skin needs a heavy moisturizer while an oily skin needs a moisturizer with a light consistency. Oily skinned individuals might need more skin purifying masks while dry skinned individuals might need a hydrating one. You can visit a dermatologist and choose the skin care products in accordance with your skin types.

  1. Use “anti-aging” products wisely.

If you are a skin care junky at your 20s, you probably want to get a jump start on using potent anti-aging ingredients to get ahead of wrinkles. While it is understandable for some individuals, it can create problems for some people as well. While using skincare products, it’s essential to consult a dermatologist otherwise you can do more harm than good. Instead of opting for fine lines and wrinkles treatment in Abu Dhabi, you can go for superficial peels and microdermabrasion sessions to restore the luster and youth of your skin without being too abrasive. 
5. Sunscreen in your best pal

Sun can cause more damage to your skin than you can ever imagine. You need to invest in a good quality sunscreen; creams, lotions, sprays and moisturizers are available in the market. Make sure to apply it every single day, religiously, whether it’s sunny or it’s raining, whether you are staying indoors or outdoors. It will prevent the damage and make your skin look youthful for longer.

  1. Don’t forget your neck

Have you heard of the tech neck? Well, it’s a thing that causes your neck to age more quickly because you are constantly looking at your cell phone. It causes unnecessary squishing of skin, eventually resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. And there is another thing we all are guilty of doing and that is neglecting our skin when it comes to skin care. I am sure you have established a good skin care routine by now but are you extending it to your neck? If you are that’s great. If you are not, it’s time to do so. After all, we are looking to prevent a fine lines and wrinkles treatment in Abu Dhabi in early 30’s don’t we?

  1. It’s the right time to use an eye cream now.

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate one. It is one of the first areas which shows the signs of aging. It is the right time to invest in an eye cream now instead of regretting the decision of not using it later.

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