How to Prevent Acne – 6 Super-Powered Acne Prevention Tips

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Acne is one of the most common skin issues faced by almost entire population at least at one point in our lives.  If you have not encountered extreme acne as of yet, it is the perfect time of learn how to prevent acne. It is better to take certain preventive measures than running after the perfect acne treatment in Dubai. These treatments will not only prevent acne but will also aid Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi. Here are all of the treasure points in no particular order:

  1. A clean face is essential

A clean face is the first step towards a velar skin. If you need to take one these from the list then stick to it. Choose a face wash which is best suited to your skin with the help of dermatologist in Dubai. A good face wash will clean your skin without stripping it of essential oils. You must wash your face every morning and night. If you are already undergoing an acne treatment in Dubai, it is still important.

  1. Acne friendly makeup

Whether you are suffering from acne or not, choosing makeup products wisely is of great help.  Choose lighter foundations and always use a powder afterwards to soak in extra oil. Do not use oil based products and opt for mineral makeup. If you can avoid makeup altogether, it’s even better. if that’s too much for you, use a concealor instead of a foundation and powder afterwards. Always carry blotting sheets with you.

  1. Fruits

Fruits are your best friend especially when you are battling acne, even when you are undergoing an Acne Treatment in Dubai. Fruits have plenty of vitamins and minerals that work wonders for your skin. They also act as anti- inflammatory agents.  They also have huge water content in them and hydration is a critical aspect of preventing acne. Aim for eating at least one fruit per day and your skin will thank you.

  1. Hydrate your body

Lack of hydration is one of the most prominent reasons of why your skin breaks out. Aim at drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water. And, no, juices do not count.  If you cannot drink plain water, flavor your water with lemon slices, strawberries or mint. Even after you have cures your acne by undergoing laser acne treatment in Dubai, hydration is still important for preventing it from coming back.

  1. Hair products

Believe it or not, hair products can make you break out. People who break out on their back and chest will relate to it. When you shower, you shampoo and conditioner surpasses your face and makes it break out. Try your best to avoid the contact of shampoo and your skin. Use a natural shampoo and conditioner formula.  When you go for initial consultation with your dermatologist in regards to acne treatment in Dubai, it is good to ask for a suitable shampoo and conditioner. Also when you are using hair sprays, avoid its contact with your face.

  1. Change your pillow cases

You sleep on your pillow every day. Like your clothes, your pillow case also gets dirty. Change it at least once a week. You can also use sanitizing sprays for your pillow case. Use silk covers instead of cotton covers.  It might seem like an extra step especially when you are undergoing Acne Treatment in Dubai but it will create more difference than you think.

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