How to Get Rid Of Large Pores on Face, Cheeks and Nose

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Pores are essential part of the body that are there to keep the skin moisturized and healthy but due to excess of sebum and dirt, the pores get blocked and are transformed into large pores causing a cosmetic problem.

Large Pore formation

Large pores are formed at least once in lifetime and go away after a while but in some cases large pores stay for lifetime causing a major cosmetic problem on the face, cheeks and nose. Large pores are caused by blockage of oil in the pores that leads to dead cells and they can turn into acne if a bacterium attacks the affected area. Large pores are part of the teenage change but they should be treated if you are older than 20.

Large pore treatment

You can Get rid of large pores on face, cheeks and nose by different methods; you can treat your large pores by

  • Injections
  • Herbal/medicines
  • Cream
  • Laser


It is the most painful procedure to cure the Large pores as injection is applied directly to the infected area and aesthetics are used to numb the infected area to minimize the pain. The injection takes hours to take effect and limits the client from chewing food for a day and exposure to the direct sunlight is also prohibited.


Herbal solutions are available in the market that are non painful but take over a month to start healing. Medical pills are also available and their healing rate is faster than herbals but such pills have devastating side effects too.


You can Get rid of large pores on face, nose and cheek by using the treatment creams, they need to be applied on the face for longer period of time and may react negatively if skin types doesn’t matches the cream. There are several kinds of creams available in the market and dermatologist should be consulted before choosing any cream for treatment.

Large pore treatment by Laser

It is the noninvasive method to get rid of the large pores on nose and is permanent in nature. Laser gun is used to create holes in dead cells of the skin affected by large pores that results in healing of the affected area. Dead cells are overtaken by new cells that cause the new skin to appear smoother than the older one. There’s no wait time after or before the surgery and you can resume your daily tasks after undergoing the treatment for large pores by laser.

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