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Double Chin is considered as one of the biggest problems in today’s cosmetic world. Double chin is normally considered as problem for fat people but it can occur for normal weighted people too. Double chin is majorly caused by structure of the head and it can be dangerous as double chin leads to not only the cosmetic conditions but severe medical problems as well. The treatment for double chin is available through surgery based on the area of treatment and provides permanent solution for the problem.

Double chin problems

Double chin can cause number of problems, outside and inside the human body. The first double chin problem faced by people all over the world is cosmetic and it causes loss of confidence and earns nick name in teen days. About 50% of teens with depression are said to be suffering from Double chin. Double chin is caused by deposit of extra fats in chin area of the body that causes the skin to get heavy and drop from the original place causing extra chin to be appeared just below the chin. It leads to formation of several medical problems such as

  • Sleep Apnea syndrome: it is related to severe breathing problem that is caused during the sleep. Sleep Apnea is considered as one of the most deadly heart problems and increases the sleepiness during the day time.
  • Hyoid bone: it is the bone that gets affected due to formation of double chin formation. The Hyoid bone is responsible for speech, tongue movement and swallowing and if double chin is deposited with heavy fats, the hyoid bone can stop the tongue movement permanently.
  • Hyoid bone degeneration: with age, the hyoid bone starts degeneration due to weakness of muscles in weak patients causing the double chin formation. It causes both problems at the same time i.e. double chin and the hyoid bone problems.

Double chin Treatment

Double chin is caused by several factors including the posture of the body, structure of the head and amount of fats in person’s body. These factors play a great role in determining the treatment as preventing the double chin to grow all over again is the major priority of the dermatologists. Nowadays surgeries are not done by cutting the person; instead the tools are applied to treat the problem without causing any pain or side effects.

Laser treatment

Answer to How to get rid of Double chin surgery is here with the help of laser treatment. Dubai Laser Treatment is done by applying laser to the double chin area marked by the qualified dermatologist. Laser destroys the excessive fat cells of the body without causing any pain to the body and allows the patient to return to daily tasks right after the treatment. Laser is the best treatment as it is applicable to every part of the body and only adjustment in wave length is required for change in treatment. Double Chin surgery is done with the help of laser so that minimal pain is observed by the body.

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