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Double chin is the biggest problem for people suffering from over weighted people. Not only it looks bad but it also causes several problems in the body of the patient. Double chin is closely associated with the problems in neck region of the body and causes loss of confidence in the patient as well. Although the double chin is considered as the problem with over-weight but there are several other factors that can cause the problem as well, as for example, the biggest cause of the double chin is said to be the posture of the body. If you are related to job in which requires a constant relaxed posture of the neck then you are more likely to grow a double chin. Double chin can also be caused due to inheritance and almost 95% of the cases of teenage double chin are caused by heredity.

Get rid of double chin

Getting rid of double chin is considered as a task related to dieting and exercise but there are several ways to Get rid of double chin in 1 week. Amount of fats in one’s body, especially in neck region plays an important role in determining the time of getting rid of double chin. If you’ve a lot of fats deposited in the body then more time will be required to get rid of the double chin. There are several treatments offered by the professional dermatologists to get rid of the double chin fast. Double chin treatment is done by either extracting the excessive fats causing the double chin or they are dissolved into the bloodstream. There are several other home based treatments and exercises to Get rid of double chin in 1 week as well. Some of them are discussed below

Laser treatment

Laser treatment works in way that the laser gun is applied to the double chin area that results in destruction of the fatty cells that are dissolved in the bloodstream and used by the body. Laser treatment for Double chin reduction is non-invasive procedure and is non surgical as well. It allows the patient to carry out daily routine tasks right after the treatment.


It is the upgraded and non invasive form of Liposuction. It works by applying the cool sculpting device to the treatment area and it freezes down the fat cells that are then destroyed causing reduction in the double chin. It is one of the advanced technology treatment procedures available to get rid of double chin in one week. There are no side effects or downtime to the Cryolipolysis treatment as but minor numbness and swelling may occur that goes away within thirty six hours.

Radio Frequency Treatment

It is non-surgical treatment to remove fat deposits from the body parts including the Double chin. Radio Frequency waves are penetrated with fixed wave length to destroy the fat cells without causing any damage and harm to the skin or any part of the body exposed to the RF waves. The treatment has no downtime but avoidance from sunlight is advised as the skin becomes sensitive for 36 hours after the treatment.

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