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Double chin is the most common way to getting bullied. The first thing that’s noticed in a person is its face and if your face has a double chin then get ready to get bullied. About 80% of the school going teens that were suffering from the obesity admitted that they were bullied on weekly basis. Suffering from obesity is a big problem and it often results in the formation of double chin. 40% of the job interview rejections are based on the physical appearance and the obesity especially the kind in which double chin is formed causes a huge problem in job selection as well.

Reasons of Double chin formation

The most common reason for the double chin formation is obesity but there can be other factors that can influence the formation as well. The quick change in environment or quick loss in weight can also cause the fats of body to be formed under the chin region. There are several other factors including

  • Weight gain: excessive weight gain by foods is considered as the biggest reason for the double chin formation
  • Weight loss: weight loss can cause the double chin formation if the weight loss is achieved without any proper diet or exercise as the broken fats of the body are gathered in the chin region causing the formation of double chin in the patient.
  • Age: age plays role of important factor while formation of double chin because older people tend to get double chin faster than young people
  • Hereditary: if your family members have double chin then likes of getting double chin are higher for you as well. Hereditary aspect is said to be 50% in the formation of the double chin as it depends upon the structure of the bone and body more.
  • Number of fat cells: it is the biggest determination factor in double chin formation as the fat cells excess in chin area can be start of the development of double chin.
  • Posture: posture of the body in a certain way can cause the body fat to be developed in the chin area causing the double chin formation. There are several chin exercises that relate to changing the posture of the chin of the body for some time and it leads to decrease in the fats around the chin.

Get rid of double chin fast

The answer to how to get rid of double chin fast is here, there are several quick exercises that you can do to Get rid of the double chin but they will require your practice daily and it will work slowly.

  • First step is to breath in and out for several seconds to relax the muscles of the body, it helps in charging the body as well.
  • Second step is to open the mouth and keep it open for several minutes while trying the following exercise:
  • Pull the bottom lip and cover it over the teeth, it will result in exercise of the muscles in the bottom of the body
  • Try to move your jaw on every side of the body so that the platysma muscles can exercise easily.
  • Repeat the steps for fifteen minutes and once every week.
  • The time required for this exercise to show results is around three months.

Another treatment

You can Get rid of Double chin fast by the above mentioned exercise but the major downtime of the treatment is its longtime as it takes about one and half month to three months to get through the treatment. There are several treatments available to Get rid of double chin fast but the fastest way to get rid of double chin is laser treatment.

Laser treatment

You can Get rid of double chin fast with the help of laser treatment. Laser treatment is the fastest way available to get rid of double chin as the laser instantly breaks down the deposited fats in the chin area of the body and sends it to liver for breakdown. Laser treatment is known as the non invasive and non surgical procedure as it doesn’t requires cutting or inserting anything in the body and it can treat any part of the body as well. Laser treatment for double chin reduction in Dubai is the fastest way of getting rid of double chin in couple of days


Laser treatment for double chin in Dubai works in way that the laser is applied to the area of treatment marked by the professional dermatologist for precise treatment. The wavelength of laser is pre-defined so that the exact amount of penetration is done and fats are broken down without any side effects. The applied laser breaks the fats down and they are transported to liver for further processing. The treatment is non invasive in nature so that patient can return to normal routine after the treatment. The time of the treatment differs based on the area marked by the dermatologist and usually is an hour long. Aesthetics might be applied to numb down the pain that is felt by sensitive skin during the treatment but is limited to itching only. There are no side effects associated with the treatment but mild problems might be faced during the treatment and are as under

  • Mild itching might be felt

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