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The only constant in this world is change and it can be both for the good as well as the bad. While many changes surrounding us are useful, certain changes that a human being experiences with age are less exciting. These include age related effects as well as those that are instigated due to the difference experiences in life.

Women often have to tackle with vaginal laxity which is quite a problem. This causes loss of urine as well as lack of pleasure and sensation during the sexual intercourse. The laxity is caused due to the loss of collagen in the vaginal area which takes place as a result of advancing age, the effects of gravity and the birth of children. The condition can leave women insecure and feeling less confident. It can actually affect the relationships as well due to these issues.

To tackle with vaginal laxity, there are numerous treatment options that are available. The one name that is gaining a lot of attention and preference is that of Laser Vaginal Tightening in Dubai. The treatment is highly effective and much sought after around the globe. It is similar here in the UAE and skincare facilities like Laser Skin Care are offering the treatment in Dubai. We shall learn more about the treatment and how it helps in getting rid of the problem in the following lines.

The treatment

In order to get rid of the problem, the first step is to decide that you need to get treated. This is often the first step and the most crucial one as well. Once you decide it’s time to get it done, the next step is to decide which procedure to make use of. Traditionally surgery has been the only escape from the vaginal laxity but now with advancement in laser technology, laser too can be brought to use for this purpose.

Surgery has extensive downtime and certain side effects and risks which make is somewhat taxing. Laser tightening technique on the other hand is totally safe with almost no side effects and there are no serious risks afterwards. It is an ideal option particularly for women that work.

The procedure

Laser vaginal tightening is a noninvasive treatment option that is done with the help of a handheld device that is inserted into the vagina so that it can provide the area to be treated with laser energy. The laser rotates at 360 degrees to ensure that all parts of the vagina are treated and no laxity is spared.

The treatment creates the perfect conditions for the collagen in the skin to improve and with greater buildup of collagen, the laxity gets lesser and lesser. It takes a while before the full results can be had due to the time taken for the structural protein to build up in the skin. The treatment session is concluded within a few minutes.

Will there be pain with treatment?

Typically there is some discomfort with laser treatment and the usage of topical anesthetics I a routine matter. However, the laser vaginal tightening is completely pain free and there is no need to use anesthesia or any other kind of numbing agent. The only sensation that is felt during the treatment is some heating which does not hurt.

How many treatment sessions are needed?

The general rule of thumb is 4-5 sessions but this can vary in individual cases. It mostly depends upon the extent of the laxity and how well the treatment works for the given individual. Your doctor can best assess the situation and let you know exactly how many sessions you will require to get rid of the laxity altogether. Do keep in mind that a gap of several weeks is needed between each treatment.

Downtime and side effects

There is no downtime after the treatment. It is a lunch time procedure and you can get back to your routine once the treatment session has been concluded. There is no need to take days off just to get the treatment.

There are also no significant side effects so your routine does not get affected. There is a discharge from the vagina so have some measures to take care of that as well. Intercourse should not be done for about a week to allow the area to fully recover.

Is it ideal for everyone?

Anyone looking to Get rid of vaginal laxity can benefit from the laser treatment. There are some rare exception where the extent of the pelvic laxity is severe and surgery is the only option. Women that are intending to have a baby in the near future should also wait until they give birth since the treatment will be of little use before that.

Is it worthwhile?

The treatment most certainly is the perfect solution for women that face vaginal laxity issues. It not only fixes the problem but also helps the women in regaining their lost confidence and can help in strengthening their relationship. The treatment also deals with the problem of loss of urine and brings the pleasure back in the sack. It is a win-win situation since the treatment is highly effective and does not have any ill effects. If you have vaginal laxity, it is high time that you get the laser treatment.

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