How to Avoid Acne and Keep Your Skin Clear?

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If you are buying blotting sheets from the super store like crazy and wiping off the oil of your face 24/7, you might be struggling with acne at this point. You think to yourself what my skin care regimen is lacking? What more should I do? You often think about getting a professional Best acne treatment in Abu Dhabi.

The key factors which influence acne are genetics, the level of daily activity, environmental factors, hormones and lack of a proper skin care regimen. All these factors not only trigger acne but are also responsible for hyperpigmentation and formation of large pores. Here is what you can do to treat acne and eliminate the need of a professional acne treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Cleanser is your best friend

Finding a great cleanser that works for your skin type is extremely difficult. You need to find a product which cleans your skin effectively without drying it out and does not contains products that will irritate your skin. Oil cleansers are all the rage in the market but you must be careful in choosing the suitable one for your skin type.

Clean your hands, face, back and chest

Face, back and chest are the most common regions where people get acne. It is important to wash these regions twice a day to control the skin oils. Also, avoid using toners every single day. Instead, opt for toners twice a week. Do not forget to moisturize your skin afterward. It is absolutely crucial to hydrate your skin after you have cleansed it thoroughly. Find an oil free moisturizer. Visit your dermatologist and let him/her decide which the best option for you is; a better skin care regimen or an acne treatment in Abu Dhabi

Hydration is important

When your body is dehydrated, your glands produce more oil than usual. Aim at drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Use hydrating masks on your skin and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eat foods which have high water content in them.

Use Home Remedies with Caution

According to few of the dermatologists, it is better to opt for a professional acne treatment in Abu Dhabi/Sharjah rather than trying home remedies. They are a hit or a miss. We all are allergic to certain products and therefore, we must use home remedies with caution. Always do a patch test before applying the product to your entire face. Be careful while using products such as lemon and cardamom as they can irritate your skin. Do not use lemons on your skin on a regular basis as your skin develops photosensitivity.

Consult a Dermatologist

The first step when it comes to having a perfect skin is by contacting a dermatologist. Just make sure to be wise with the choice of the dermatologist. Consider the skills, experience and expertise of the dermatologist. Read some online reviews and then settle on the one that suits you best. An initial consultation will tell you a lot about the experience and approach of a dermatologist.

Choose your Makeup Carefully

People think that sleeping with makeup is the main cause of acne and while it definitely is, makeup during the daytime can cause acne. Choose your makeup products wisely. Read the ingredients. Ask the people at the store to guide you in regards to choosing acne friendly makeup products. Mineral makeup is the right choice in most cases.

Change your Pillow Cases

Changing your pillow cases once a week is mandatory. The dirt and germs can get trapped in the pillow cases and will be transferred to your skin. It can cause extreme acne.

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