How Effective Is A Mesotherapy Treatment In Removing Rigid Fat Deposits?

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Lipodissolve, commonly known by the name of mesotherapy, has gained popularity in the mid-2000s. Marketed at as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, it mainly involves the use of microinjections, injected into the problem areas (affected by fat and cellulite). It works on breaking down rigid fat deposits, making you look toned and beautiful. However, you should be careful with the choice of the clinic and the dermatologist performing Mesotherapy Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Uses of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy treatment in Abu Dhabi can be used on multiple areas of the body including the arms, belly, chin and legs. It works equally well on lumpy fat deposits and cellulite. Traditional liposuction, being an invasive treatment, results in post treatment swelling. Mesotherapy treatment in the other hand tightens the skin, creating a firmer, more toned appearance along with making you look slimmer. Lipodissolve works on the principle of breaking down the walls of fatty cells which are later flushed out by the body as waste.

  • Flabby Arms to Toned Biceps

We all gain weight differently. Some of us gain weight in the midsection, the rest of us gain weight in the thighs or arms. Regardless, there are certain areas that stubbornly refuse to slim down, even when we are following the most stringent diets and exercise regimens. Arms are certainly one of those regions. Luckily, mesotherapy treatment in Abu Dhabi helps to slim down any part of the body including your arms.

  • Say Goodbye to Double Chin

Double chin is a common problem. It is not only associated with overweight individuals.  Even on a body that is otherwise slim and toned, a double chin can make a person look heavier. A few injections will surely make you look and feel confident. Say goodbye to that double chin of yours now.

  • Get a Slim, Flat Belly

If you are apple shaped, you know the struggle real well. You simply cannot get rid of the belly fat. Lucky for you, mesotherapy can help to eliminate rigid fat cells in a few sessions. It delivers same results as liposuction, minus the invasiveness.

  • Say No to Giggly Legs

The bumpy accumulation of fat underneath the skin can result in fat, cottage cheese thighs. If your legs have stubborn fat, you can now acquire perfectly slim and toned thighs with the help of Lipodissolve. Just keep in mind that with legs, you will require a greater number of sessions than with your arms and legs.

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