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Having a white, glowing complexion is a wish of every individual. There are various methods that are used for skin lightening purposes. They range from natural remedies to various cosmetic treatments. The most popular one today amongst all skin whitening treatments is Glutathione injections in Saudi Arabia & Riyadh. Glutathione seems like the easiest and fastest procedure to lighten up your skin. It is a series of injections over a period of few days and your complexion becomes several tones lighter. But is it as seamless as it feels like. Is it that easy to transform your complexion without any side effects? Well, the answer is no. Glutathione injections in Saudi Arabia have many side effects which makes it a bad choice for skin whitening.

Side effects of Glutathione injections in Saudi Arabia

Following are the major side effects of Glutathione injections in Saudi Arabia:

  • It can cause a disease of microorganisms if you have a poor hygiene.
  • chemical peelsIt is also a main source of embolus in many individuals. Embolus is a blockage inside a blood vessel which is the most common side effect of high dosages of glutathione injections in Saudi Arabia.
  • It can also cause infections in one’s body.
  • Some individuals experience abdominal pain as a result of these injections.
  • Some studies claim that long term use of glutathione injections in Saudi Arabia may lead to skin cancer as well.
  • People who have a sensitive skin may experience rashes and redness.

Turns out the Glutathione injections in Saudi Arabia are more of a curse that a blessing. Do not worry as there are a few alternatives that can help you achieve same results without the hassle of side effects.

Alternative to Glutathione injections

As an alternative, there are many treatments that can brighten up your skin tone without compromising with your health.

Chemical Peels

Chemical PeelsThe best procedure when it comes to Skin Whitening Treatment is chemical peel. Chemical peels in Saudi Arabia works by applying chemical solution to the surface of skin. It causes the damaged layer to peel off and reveals the fresh and glowing skin underneath. It does not make your complexion lighter but also diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Fractional Lasers

Fractional lasers are a great alternative to Glutathione injections in Saudi Arabia. They will remove the dead skin cells and boost up the collagen production. It will make your complexion look lighter, healthier and glowing. It will make you look years younger that your actual age and will lighten your complexion by several skin tones.

Glutathione injections in Saudi Arabia are not the ideal choice for skin whitening. It is important to discuss the ideal treatment for you with the dermatologist.


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