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People love their hair when they are strong and luscious and present on their scalps. However, hair on the other parts of the body are generally less than welcome and most people, especially women, are not very excited about them. While women mostly want to remove them altogether, men generally want them to have a lighter appearance to allow themselves the manly look without looking too unkempt.

The traditional methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing and plucking all provide temporary relief with big risks associated with some of them. Laser hair removal, however, is by and large risk free and offers permanent solutions. Unlike the rest of the pack, the treatment does not need to be repeated every few days to get rid of unwanted hair. Once the hair have been removed, occasional touch up sessions are all you’ll ever need. We shall learn more about the laser hair removal below.

How does laser hair removal work?

The procedure is pretty simple. The area to be treated is first shaven so that the laser energy does not heat up and burn the surface of the skin. The laser is set at specific frequencies in order to target the dark matter in the follicles, the melanin, in order to shrink the size of the follicles and to inhibit its ability to reproduce hair in future.

The laser heats up the melanin for this very purpose. A significant number of follicles shed after a few days of the treatment and appear similar to blackheads. The treatment does not take very long though the area to be covered determines the exact length of the session.

Is the procedure painful?

The treatment is not entirely pain free and a sensation similar to snapping of a rubber band against the skin can be felt. However, to remove the pain, topical anesthetics or a cooling gel is applied prior to the start of the treatment. This ensures that the patient remains comfortable during the treatment. Cool air may also be blown with the help of a handheld device to further ease the procedure for the patient.

Will I need multiple sessions?

A single session cannot do the trick and several sessions are needed. Generally, five to seven sessions are enough to get the job done. This can vary in individual cases depending upon the area to be covered and how well a person responds to the treatment. A break of four weeks is usually taken between each treatment session to ensure that the skin does not get damaged.

What are the side effects?

Side effects are mostly mild and temporary. These include itching and tenderness to touch in the treated area. Swelling and redness too are quite common. These effects generally take up to two days to subside. No treatment is needed though use of icepacks can help. In rare cases, bruising can take place which also subsides after a while.

Are there any lengthy downtimes involved?

The treatment does not carry any downtime with it. However, rest is recommended and taking some time off can help in quick recovery. If you are getting treated for the first time, it can surely help you in understanding what exactly to expect after each treatment session.

Is there any extra care that I need to take?

The ultraviolet rays from the sun are harmful for the skin. However, when you get the laser hair removal treatment, they can be even more dangerous. Photosensitivity is developed after the treatment and avoidance of sun is a must. If you leave for outdoors during the day, ensure that you cover the treated area and apply sunscreen with a high SPF as well. If the treated area is on the face or the neck, be sure to wear a large floppy hat. A little extra care can go a long way in helping you recover quickly.

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