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Getting one’s skin inked is nothing new and the art has been around for thousands of years. In today’s world, tattoos are very much in fashion and people all around the globe continue to get them. Some people, however, come to regret their decision to get tattoos and want to get rid of them for many reasons.

Traditionally getting a tattoo removed was a very tough ask. However, with laser technology, Tattoo removal has become a lot easier and effective. Like the rest of the world, the demand for Laser tattoo removal in Dubai is quite high. Skincare facilities like Laser Skin Care are offering laser tattoo removal Dubai. We shall learn more about the treatment in the following lines to understand better.

How does it work?

Laser tattoo removal has a fairly simple mechanism of work. Laser is set at specific wavelengths to deal with the given tattoo. The setting usually differ in each individual case. It is used to break down the pigmentation of the tattoo into smaller bits which the immune system of the body can easily remove.

Since tattoo ink is a foreign object, the immune system is always trying to remove it. However, the whole tattoo is too big to be removed and smaller bits are much easier. The reason that tattoos lose their sharpness after a while is the action of the immune system on it.

What are its side effects?

The treatment usually has limited and temporary side effects. These side effects include redness and swelling along with some itching in the treated area. Tenderness to touch can be developed as well. Use of an ice pack can make is easier. The symptoms generally last for approximately 48 hours. In rare cases, bruising and discoloration of skin too can take place. Should this happen, you should consult with your doctor right away.

Photosensitivity is developed after the treatment which can last from a few days to a few weeks. Sun must be avoided during this time period. If you must leave for outdoors during the day hours, ensure that you cover the tattoo area with clothing and apply a broad spectrum sunscreen as well. If the treated area is on the face of the neck, be sure to wear a large floppy hat.

Is there any downtime?

The treatment has no downtime associated with it. However, if you are getting it for the first time, it is best to take a couple of days off from work. Rest is recommended after each session since it allows a quick recovery.

How painful is the treatment?

There is some pain involved in the Tattoo removal with laser. It is usually compared to rubber bands snapping against the skin. To deal with this discomfort, topical anesthetics are applied to the area to be treated before the procedure starts. This greatly numbs down any sensation and by and large, a person can feel comfortable during the treatment. Some doctors also use a handheld device to provide cool air during the procedure to make it further comfortable for the treatment seeker.

Will a single session be enough?

The treatment is noninvasive and like most similar treatments, it needs to be repeated a few times to bring about the desired results. A few factors govern how many sessions will be required including the colors and shape of the tattoo, it size, its age and how well it has been made. A doctor can assess all these matters of importance and provide with a likely number of sessions that will be needed.

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