Few Simple Home Acne Treatment Methods for Teens

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Your skin is your best friend. It acts as a shield and protects you from the environmental damage. All in going perfectly fine and suddenly once day, you notice a red, big monster just in the middle of your brows. You hate the way it looks and to make the matters worse, it is quite painful as well. In a few days, your entire face is filled with pimples. It makes you hate your best friend and your confidence levels go down. Well, welcome to puberty. What will you do? You will most likely search the internet for the best Acne treatment in Abu Dhabi, go and buy expensive scrubs, do a cost analysis for laser acne treatment in Dubai. What if I told you, you can acquire perfect, clear skin back with just a few home remedies? Yes, it’s true. Just choose a few treatments from the list below and let nature work its magic.

Apple cider vinegar

You have probably heard a million people rave about apple cider vinegar for having impeccable skin. All you need is one part raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and 2 parts of fresh clean water. Mix them together and use it as a toner, every time you wash your face. It is a gazillion time better than store bought toners and can help you achieve clear skin faster. It is certainly an amazing natural acne treatment in Dubai.

Milk and honey mask

Many Dermatologists claim that excessive consumption of dairy products can result in flared up acne. But, apparently, when you use dairy products topically, it can significantly reduce acne marks. Simply mix 1 tbsp of honey in 1 tbsp of water and apply it to your entire face. Let it sit there for about a ten minutes. Honey might sting a little.  Wash it off with lukewarm water and pat dry your skin. Use this natural acne scar treatment in Abu Dhabi thrice a week. If you can find Manuka honey, use it instead of regular honey.


Papaya is found in a lot of beauty products available in the isle of acne treatment in Abu Dhabi. If you do not want to use store bought products, you can make your very own raw papaya mask out of fresh raw papaya. Simply mash up one papaya and apply it on your face. Let it sit there for about 15 minutes and wash it off. Tone your face with an apple cider vinegar and enjoy beautiful skin.

These three remedies when use regularly will produce amazing results. Your skin will start to clear out and you won’t feel the need to pile on chemicals on your skin. If you feel that these remedies are not working well and you want a cosmetic Acne Treatment in Abu Dhabi, by all means, go and visit a dermatologist today.

If you have any questions regarding the acne scars treatment in Dubai or any natural remedies, fill out the free consultation form below and let our dermatologist guide you.

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