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An even toned, clear and flawless skin is what we all aspire to have. Freckles and age spots can make you look less than perfect and take away from the beauty of your skin. OK! I understand it but what should I do now that I have them. Well, you should opt for a suitable freckles and blemishes treatment in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere. Alternatively, you can try a few home remedies. The problem with home remedies is that they might work really well for some individuals and do not work at all for the others. However, there is no harm in trying them for yourself. Let’s explore a few of them:

A mix of almond oil and pearl powder.

These two ingredients combined together inhibit the production of melanin and make your skin tone appear vibrant and glowing. Pearl powder can certainly get a little expensive but a little goes a long way. Add a pinch of pearl powder to a little bit of almond oil and make a paste. Mix these ingredients well and apply this treatment to the spots carefully with the help of your clean fingers. Leave it on your skin overnight and wash off with lukewarm water in the morning. If this doesn’t work for you, you can always opt for a professional freckles and blemishes treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Licorice and papaya extract.

I understand that getting hold of the licorice extract is a bit tricky but it is one of the best ingredients used for skin lightening and pigmentation.  You have to find out which part has the whitening enzymes. But you can try buying licorice extract from a health and wellness store.  Mix it well with the papaya extract and you are good to go. Apply the mixture on your dermis. Let it sit there for about an hour before washing it off.

Sour milk and lemon juice.

Both these ingredients; sour milk and lemon juice are natural AHA peelers. Sour milk is an amazing source of lactic acid while lemon juice holds citric acid. Both these ingredients help to remove dead skin cells from the dermis. It alone makes your skin look vibrant. Citric acid also inhibits melanin production and lightens the freckles and dark spots on your skin. Simply mix the two ingredients, massage the mixture on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.


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