Does Skin Rejuvenation Work on All Regions of the Skin?

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Skin like every other part of the body is prone to be affected by external factors. Starting from the birth the skin is the part that gets most of the problems, such as birthmarks, injury scars and such and even in the teenage, the skin gets attacked by cosmetic problems such as acne, enlarged pores and sunburns; in the later age the skin gets sagging issues, aging scars, dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles. Back in the days the only successful treatment available to cure the skin diseases permanently was use of herbal medicines as the anti-biotic pills used to return side effects and surgery was the only cosmetic treatment available. Nowadays there are several treatment options available which are non surgical and allow the patient to be treated without undergoing any knife cutting. From acne scars to sagginess of the skin and from wrinkles to sun damaged skin, cosmetic treatments are available for skin rejuvenation. Treating the skin should be main priority as it is the external most part of the body and acts as the barrier between external body and internal flesh. All the cosmetic problems should be treated on time but there are several cosmetic conditions that should be treated with skin rejuvenation method on time.

Cosmetic Conditions


Freckles are the prominent problem and can be seen on most of the people. Freckles are brown patches covering the whole face. They can be caused due to heredity, due to over exposure to the ultraviolet rays.  Malignant skin cancer can be the cause of the freckles showing up on the face. The freckles can be caused in the early childhood and stick throughout the life time. If you are suffering from the cosmetic problem then Skin Rejuvenation in Dubai is advised for you.


It can be termed as the change of skin color tone in form of patches due to cosmetic condition. There are several types of skin pigmentation problems but are generally categorized into two forms based on the tone color. One is hyper pigmentation and other is hypo pigmentation issue. The hyper pigmentation issue is when the skin gets dark colored patches due to overproduction of melanin whereas the hypo pigmentation issue is caused when the body gets hit by the underproduction of the melanin in the skin. In both the cases the treatment is required and qualified Best Dermatologist should be consulted before undergoing skin rejuvenation in Dubai.


Rosacea is formation of red patches on the skin of the body causing prominent redness on the skin. There’s no prominent cure to the Rosacea and requires to be removed via treatment. It causes the red bumps on the skin surface of the body. It can be caused due to spicy foods, Alcohol, stress and extreme temperatures. It is also said to be caused by anti-biotic medicines that cause the blood vessel dilation.

Broken capillaries

Broken capillaries are also known as the spider veins, they are caused by uneven blocked blood capillaries that cause the blood flow to stop and contain, and it causes the veins to appear on the skin of the body. Skin rejuvenation is required in the case as the spider veins hurt sometimes and the condition is permanent in nature.

Sun damaged skin

Sun damaged skin is permanent in nature and is caused by over exposure to the sunlight. It also triggers the dark circles with it. It is the most common type of the skin cosmetic condition. Skin rejuvenation is required in case of skin damaged skin as the dark patches appear on the skin and are permanent in nature.


There are several treatments available based on the type of the skin and infection type. The skin rejuvenation packages are available in the market that redo the whole skin to provide better answer to the skin sagging, age spots, sun damaged skin, wrinkles, freckles and pigmentation. Most of the cosmetic problems are dealt by using the non-surgical procedures to provide the treatment without any pain and side effects but in some serious cases of spider veins/broken capillaries the treatment can be done by using the surgical method. Consultancy from qualified dermatologist is advised before undergoing any skin rejuvenation treatment in Dubai.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are one of the most trusted methods available for skin rejuvenation as they come with complete solution for cosmetic treatment. The chemical peel formula is especially perfected to provide the patient with different treatment based on the level of the penetration of the chemicals. For better treatment the deep chemical peels are used that can correct all the skin rejuvenation problems whereas for quick effects the light chemical peel formula or the medium formula is used. Chemical peels are applied to the body that causes the skin to blister and charges the collagen production and boosts the cell regeneration, the blistered skin soon peels off and the newly generated skin is free of acne scars, wrinkles, scars and birthmarks. The skin rejuvenation treatment by chemical peels is done carefully as the melanin production needs to be kept in control or it causes the hypo or hyper pigmentation again.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is available for most of the cosmetic issues that cause the skin sagging, aging scars, fine lines, freckles and wrinkles. Laser treatment is considered as the fastest and the most responsive treatment method as it shows full effects in couple of treatments and the laser treatment allows the patient to resume the daily routine right after the treatment. Laser treatment is also considered as the most important advancement in field of the cosmetic surgery as it can be used for any kind of the treatment and only wavelength needs to be adjusted according to penetration type. The only downtime for the laser treatment for Skin rejuvenation in Abu Dhabi is avoidance from direct sunlight right after the treatment.

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