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Premature aging is a common skin issue for each one of us. Almost, all of us develop tiny wrinkles around our eyes in our early twenties. We all develop laugh lines at an early age. Regardless of what problem we face; fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, large pores, dull looking skin, we all are a victim of it. While there are many causes which lead to premature aging like excessive sun exposure, inappropriate skin care routine, smoking etc, the most neglected one is the food we consume every day. Yes, the food you eat every single day is supposed to energize body but why is it aging us. While there are certainly possibilities to shed excess pounds and lose weight by anti-aging treatment in Dubai, it still better to watch what you eat.

Now, I am certainly not telling you to quit eating all the yummy things forever and eat, breathe healthy living. Occasionally reaching out for a bar of chocolate will not age you. But if eating unhealthy and at the wrong times will certainly age you over time. If you want to save Anti Aging Treatment in Dubai for your late 40s and avoid it is early twenty’s, cut out the following foods out of your diet.


Alcohol is the worst of all things you can put inside your body. Most people are in habit of consuming alcohol every single night. Alcohol causes dehydration which has a direct impact on your skin. When you drink alcohol every day, it results in premature wrinkles, puffiness around your face, and dryness around the eye area as well as blotchy skin. It is not only bad for your beauty needs but it equally affects your general wellbeing.  If you are a regular drinker, then you must cut it out little by little and eliminate it all together, I ensure you that you are not going to need an anti-aging treatment in Dubai until the late 40s.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are getting fairly popular as more and more people are getting health conscious and want to consume as less sugar as possible. However, they might help of shed a few extra inches but they are not in the best interests of your health. These sweeteners have absolutely zero nutritional value and are a major cause of inflammation in one’s body. They can also trigger your allergies. Inflammation and allergies make your skin age faster and then anti aging treatment in Dubai are the only cure left. Opt for more alternatives such as honey.


Before you freak out, let me explain I am not asking you to cut out all carbohydrates. Simply replace unhealthy carbohydrates with healthy carbohydrates and you are good to go. Cut out white pasta, white bread, and white flour. Simply replace it with whole grain bread, pasta, and flour. Whole grain options reduce the inflammation is one’s body and are loaded with b-complex vitamins. All of them work wonders for your skin and you can leave the Anti Aging Treatment in Abu Dhabi for the late 40s.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are harmful to your health as well as your skin. They trigger vasodilation which triggers flushing. Spicy foods are particularly harmful to people suffering from rosacea or allergies. So, keep spices at the minimum.

These tips are amazing if you want to prevent premature aging but what if your skin has aged over the years, and then you must go for anti-aging treatment in Dubai for acquiring that youthful glow and then implement these tips. Good Luck on your skincare journey!

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