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Skin needling also known as Dermapen treatment in Abu Dhabi is a treatment for rejuvenation of skin which makes it look years younger than your age. It is a quick alternative to laser skin care treatments. This devise utilizes the concept of automated micro needling.

How does the micro needling works?

The process is fairly simple. Dermapen treatment creates a wound on the skin and skin responds with collagen production which helps in the texture of skin. Depending upon the needle’s depth, it will enhance product absorption or treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Usage of Dermapen

Dermapen is used mainly to cater following skin issues:

Extent of Penetration of Dermapen

There are different aspects of penetration which include superficial penetration, light penetration and deep penetration. All of them work to treat various problems of skin. Normally the range of penetration varies from 0.25mm to 2.5mm.

Light penetration of Dermapen Treatment

It opens up the skin which allows absorption of various skin treatments and products like serums, moisturizers and lotions. Products do not work when they merely work on the surface. However, when they penetrate deep into the skin, they will work more effectively. So, now all those expensive skin care products will actually work for you instead of working against you.

Mid level penetration of Dermapen treatment

Such penetration depths lead towards a positive impact on sun damaged skin. It also improves texture of the skin significantly and reduces pore size. You will notice complete difference in the appearance of your skin after one session.

Deep level penetration of Dermapen treatment

This level of penetration mainly targets fine line and wrinkles, tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. So, if you are experiencing crow’s feet and laugh lines, this is the right choice for you.

Is this process painful?

Numbing gel is applied on the skin before starting the Dermapen treatment. A slight discomfort might be felt during the procedure but there is absolutely no pain involved.

Recovery period and downtime

Initially, you will experience redness on your skin but it will fade away throughout the day. On the second day, some individuals experience swelling. Not to worry, as this is just part of the healing process. On the third day, you won’t experience any signs of the treatment. Just make sure you follow the instructions provided by the surgeon religiously.


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