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Your skin has lost its shine and elasticity and you are looking for a skin rejuvenation treatment in Abu Dhabi. What if I told u that the cure can begin on your plate? Your initial response would be. What plate? Are you trying to convince me to go on a diet? I am not trying to lose weight. I am trying to achieve happy, healthy and glowing skin. I know girls, I know that. But the key thing is that good food can impart you a glow which is quite comparable to Skin Rejuvenation in Abu Dhabi. Yes, it’s true. Here is a list of foods that will help you achieve picture perfect skin.

Romaine Lettuce

Consuming six leaves of romaine lettuce on a daily basis is more than enough for achieving a glowing skin. Can it be compared to skin rejuvenation treatment in Abu Dhabi? Well, it can be if you do not have any extreme problems associated with your skin and you consume it on a regular basis. However, if you want a quick fix, go for skin rejuvenation treatment in Abu Dhabi.


If you have a problem associated with flushing, tomatoes can be a great deal of help. It can also help you with sunburn. Consuming one tomato daily will protect your skin from the sun and will impart a glow from within. It also boosts up the collagen production which will eliminate the earlier signs of aging and make your skin look youthful.


Strawberries not only taste good but out potent in vitamin C which boosts up the production of collagen. It makes your skin appear soft, smooth and glowing. If you lack vitamin C in your diet, you will probably feel the need to undergo skin rejuvenation treatment in Abu Dhabi. It will prevent sagging skin and make it appear hydrated.


Iron is essential for healthy and rejuvenated skin. Quercetin is another antioxidant which protects your skin from harmful UV rays. An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but also helps you to achieve impeccable skin. So, aim at eating an apple a day and do not peel off the skin.


You have just started to notice earlier signs of aging and are wondering about skin rejuvenation treatment in Abu Dhabi. Eating soy can help diminish the earlier signs of aging and impart a youthful glow to your skin. The aglycone found in soy works amazingly well in restoring the glow and beauty of your skin.


Almonds are a superfood that works wonders on your skin. Replace your regular snack with a handful of almonds and see the benefits of this nutritious, vitamin E packed snack on your skin.

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