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Celebrities are considered as the best skin human beings in the region. There’s no doubt that they undergo several therapies and treatments every year to maintain their amazing looks and awesome skin and are very careful about it but, there have been so many celebrities who got their tattoo removed due to different reasons. Some did it because of the divorce, whereas some did because of the old age. there are so many celebrities undergoing tattoo treatment or tattoo covering due to their role requirement. Some of the most famous celebrities who got their tattoo removed are as

Kaley Cuoco

She got her wedding tattoo removed after the marriage that lasted for 21 months only. They were dating for about three months. Her husband the tennis player Ryan Sweeting had turned pro in 2007 and his only win was in 2011. The player failed to make name for himself after the marriage and it is said to be major reason of their split. Although the marriage lasted for 21 months but all of the friends around kaley knew it wasn’t going to turn out well. In the initial days of marriage, Kaley had gotten a tattoo of Ryan’s name and got it removed right after the divorce. She terms that tattoo as a big mistake.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie got her Billy Bob Tattoo Removed right after splitting with him. She still has some tattoos on her body but the Billy Bob tattoo is replaced by the coordinates of her children’s birth location.

Andrian Bailon

Probably the weirdest tattoo removal story as Andrian Bailon had the tattoo of her ex boyfriend Rob Kardashian. The main problem is not the tattoo but its placement as it is located on her hips. She revealed that in her own TV Show where she termed it as the biggest mistake.

Megan fox

She also get the tattoo of Marilyn Monroe removed from her right forearm. It was too visible and might have caused the problems during the movie shootings.

50 Cent

The famous rapper got this tattoos removed back in 2010 when he started his career in acting. 50 cent had a lot of tattoos back then and has a lot of tattoos now but selective problematic tattoos were removed upon Hollywood’s request. 50 cent says that he took the decision in light to save the time of makeup.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand got the ink removed that he got from her ex-wife Kate Perry. It was a Sanskrit tattoo that meant ‘go with the flow’. The tattoo was removed during his late night visit at the Shamrock tattoos during his dating days with Nikolett Barabas.

Eva Longoria

Desperate housewives character is famous for her body and looks but she also made some mistakes with her tattoos. Eva Longoria had gotten the tattoo of Tony Parker’s jersey number on back of her neck. Eva Longoria divorced the San Antonio player after the Sexting scandal.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards

They both had gotten each other’s names tattooed on their wrist ankles. Charlie Sheen has been the highest paid actor on Television and the bond girl Denise Richards is also one of the famous actresses. They got each other’s name removed from life back in 2006.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears had gotten the Kabbalah tattoo on back of her neck that translated into acceptance of all the responsibilities of her life, courage and healing. She had it removed back in 2008 when she announced that she wasn’t studying it anymore and her baby was her religion.

Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor went through painful process to get rid of four of her tattoos that was placed on indecent places of her body to survive in the Fashion industry. She describes the Laser Tattoo Removal as one big step in her life and now she won’t be getting any more tattoos. she still have several tattoos on her body but the major ones were removed.

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