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You look yourself in the mirror, and you find a much older version of yourself staring back at you. You wonder when did this happen.  How do you look so older than your actual age? Why haven’t you noticed it earlier?  And how did it happen? You end up looking for a perfect Anti Aging Treatment in Abu Dhabi but what caused it. Here is a list of few of the most common causes of premature aging which will help you battle with skin aging in future.


Excessive sun exposure can damage your skin like no other. We get it that vitamin C is essential for your bones, and sometimes you enjoy tanning as well. But, remember everything must be in moderation. Excessive sun exposure can damage collagen and make your skin appear years older than it actually is. Always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen when going out in the sun to protect it from damage. Go for laser anti-aging treatment in Dubai to repair damaged skin.


Smoking is not only bad for your lungs. It is equally bad for your skin. Smoking causes you to age that are why most chain smokers appear much older than they are. It mainly causes wrinkles around your mouth to deepen and rips your lips out of collagen as well.  It also kills vitamin C present in your body, and vitamin C is mainly responsible for collagen production in your body. So, quit smoking if you can or try to limit it. However, if you have already damaged your skin immensely, go for an Anti Aging Treatment in Dubai.

Lack of Vitamins and Minerals

If you are low on vitamins and minerals, it will show through your skin. If you have started to witness small lines and wrinkles around your face and neck and are looking for anti-aging treatment in Dubai, it’s probably because you are low on vitamins are minerals. Perk up your diet and eat loads of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Eating plenty of levy greens, carrots, apples and beetroot will make your body and skin healthy.


Yes, plain genetics might also be the reason you are planning to undergo Anti Aging Treatment in Dubai. You can blame your parents or grandparent for now. If your skin has poor elasticity, it won’t wear off well to the outside damage. It is better to go and visit a dermatologist and get a laser anti-aging treatment in Dubai to fix your fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Laser treatment in Dubai wouldn’t only eliminate the earlier signs of aging but will boost the collagen production as well.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the major reasons of dull and dry looking skin. Beauty sleep is an essential aspect of making your skin look young, healthy and glowing. Aim at resting 8 hours a day for a beautiful and glowing skin.

Do not decide for an anti-aging treatment in Dubai on your own. Always book an initial consultation with a dermatologist and let him/her decide which is the perfect treatment for your skin type.

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