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So, you catch yourself in the mirror and you see an individual with tired eyes staring back at you. Dark circles make you look tired, sleepy and aged. There are many dark circles treatment available in the market. Also, there are multiple home remedies you can utilize as dark circles treatment. Visiting a dermatologist also might help you. Before learning how to get rid of dark shadows under your eyes, you have to learn why they appear in the first place:


The biggest culprit of Dark circles is genetics. Some people have a bone structure that automatically causes shadows under the eyes. In this case any kind of dark circles treatment won’t be helpful for you.  Also, if you have a lighter skin tone, dark circles become more prominent when blood pools there. This happens due to lack of sleep of poor blood circulation. This accumulation results in breakage of fragile capillaries.


Age is another important factor when it comes to treating dark circles. Over a passage of time, skin becomes thin and loses collagen; hence, veins become prominent which results in dark circles. It is important to use sun screen to slow down aging.


Seasonal allergies are one of the major causes of dark circles. Allergies usually trigger histamines in your body.  Due to this factor, blood vessels become inflamed and swell up.  There is a small test you can perform to determine the cause of your dark circles so you can decide upon a Dark Circles Treatment for your particular case. If your skin changes color, the cause is probably skin damage and if your skin doesn’t change its color, the underlying cause is probably aging and age factor.

Vascular issues

The dark circles treatment for vascular issues is to double up pillows at night. It will stop the blood from building up under your eyes. Another great treatment is to use cold compress for about five to ten minutes. It helps to constrict blood vessels. You can use an eye cream with caffeine to de-puff your eyes. Any eye cream with caffeine can result in getting rid of dark circles.

Dark circles treatment for different issues

  • Taking an antihistamine (available over the counter) for treating allergies can greatly reduce allergy induced dark circles. It is one of the most effective dark circles treatment for allergy induced dark circles.
  • Using a collagen building cream on dark circles is one of the best dark circles treatment for thinning skin. It helps increased collagen production which diminishes dark circles.
  • Using natural bleaching agents like potato juice and lemon can work as a natural treatment for dark circles. They are cost effective and do not have any side effects.

In the meanwhile while you are treating your dark circles, you can camouflage dark circles using concealors, colored correctors and tinted eye creams.

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