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White skin has been standard of beauty since eternity. People have been trying different procedures to get glowing better skin. Initially the herbal medicines were used but then procedures were moved to medical pills and then slowly the surgical options were considered but now with advancements in technology, you can get the best skin whitening treatment without harming your skin, without any side effects. Celebrities have always been trying to maintain their body and boosting their looks and when it comes to dark colored celebrities, they were amongst the pioneers of cosmetic treatment patients. Michael Jackson transformed himself from a black American because of his complexes and almost had over 100 surgeries to boost his looks. Celebrities nowadays are known to use Oxygen facial treatment to boost their looks before going on the camera because it is fast, non invasive, non surgical procedure that boosts the skin color and gets the skin better in no time.


Beyoncé is one of the most famous singers from the last decade, she has won several awards and has been lightening up the shows for more than twenty years, her most famous song ‘single ladies’ is considered one of its kind, it was released back in 2008. She started career as part of Destiny’s Child and it set the best selling records, currently she’s holding the spot nine in the 100 most powerful women in the world. She’s also the Highest Paid Black Musician in the history. She has been married to Jay Z since 2008 and together they have topped the richest celebrity couple list. She has won over 187 awards and has been nominated for over 391 awards.

Beyoncé like all the celebrities went through couple of treatments to boost her skin and confidence, she’s known for couple of treatments such as nose treatment, breast implants, liposuction, skin whitening and lip augmentation. Skin whitening treatment can be done through several procedures such as Oxygen facial treatment, RF treatment, Chemical Peels treatmnt, Laser Treatment and Microneedling treatment.

Oxygen Facial treatment

Oxygen facial treatment is the most commonly used treatment procedure used to boost the skin of the patient within minutes and without any side effects or problem. Oxygen facial treatment was started back in 2004 by the doctors as chemotherapy but it later gained popularity as a cosmetic treatment because of its fast effects on Skin whitening and skin tightening. Oxygen facial treatment allows the celebrities to wear makeup right after the treatment and the downtime is nearly zero so it makes it easier to resume the routine right after the treatment.

RF treatment

Radio Fractional treatment is done by passing the Radio waves on the treatment area to break down the infected cells so that the body can be healed naturally. RF treatment is better because it is done without harming the body and allows the patient to resume the daily routine without any problem.

Laser treatment

Dubai Laser treatment can be done without causing any harm to the body and it saves other skin cells of the body by work on a specific wavelength. The area is pre-marked by the dermatologist to pin point the infected cells. The laser gun is set at specific wavelength and applied to initiate the treatment process that works by breaking of infected cells and boosting the collagen production

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