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With summers approaching, sleeveless shirts are already in. But what is the worst part of wearing a shirt without sleeves, the dark underarm skin. Yes, the darker tone of underarms skin can be not only embarrassing but also devastating for a girl. But the fact is, most of us have blackish underarms, courtesy shaving and hair removal creams. They both cause darkening in the armpits. If you are also worried about the underarm blackening, worry not. We have a solution for you in the form of Laser Skin Whitening. Lasers offer the Best Underarm Whitening Treatment Dubai. People try whitening creams, gels and home remedies for skin whitening but none of them are as effective as these unseen laser beams.

What is skin whitening?

Skin whitening or skin lightening refers to the use of chemical substances that work to lighten skin tone and provide an even skin complexion by controlling the melanin concentration. A variety of chemical substances are used for skin whitening in Dubai, including Chemical Peels.

How does skin whitening work?

Skin has uneven concentrations of melanin, pigment that gives skin its color. More concentrated zones have dark color like moles and birthmarks. When these zones are de-pigmented, using either a chemical solution or lasers, skin tone becomes even.

procedureAblative and non-ablative lasers are alternates for those who want to choose skin whitening in Dubai but do not want creams and gels. Previously Lasers were reported to produce problems for those who had darker skin tones. But the latest laser machines can treat even the darkest skin without any damage or side effect.

Q-terra/ Q-Swiched NDYAG Laser, CANDELA Gentlemax NDYAG and Asclepion MCL 31 Er:YAG C10 mode are used for Underarm Skin Whitening Treatment.

What are the potential side effects of over the counter skin whiteners?

Some Underarm Whitening Treatment Dubai products use active ingredients that can be harmful for skin. Previously, hydroquinone was widely used for skin whitening but latest researches suspect it for having cancerous effects. Moreover, a test conducted in Nigeria showed that common skin whitening creams caused mutation in bacteria and were possibly carcinogenic. However, not all skin lightening products are harmful. Some creams and gels work really great and their continuous use improves skin tone.

procedureIf skin whitening creams and gels are used for long time period, it increases pigmentation in fingers and toes joints, buttocks and ears. Moreover, the skin of the face becomes thin and the areas around the eyes suffer from increased pigmentation and the effect is called “bleach panda effect”.

Qualified surgeons always serve you on Dubai Laser Treatment with effective and high quality lightening creams and lotions. Underarm Whitening Treatment is an amazing method that gives you beauty and confidence. For sure, it is your chance to look bright and striking!

The consultancy of our Dermatologist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for the Best Underarm Whitening Treatment Dubai.

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