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Stretch marks are experienced by many women. Contrary to the popular believe this problem not only occurs in pregnant women. If you have lost or gained an abnormal amount of weight, you will still get stretch marks and some women also have them during the years of their puberty. The best option for treating stretch marks is by going for a cosmetic Stretch Marks Treatment in Abu Dhabi but if you are a fan of natural remedies, this is the right piece of information for you.


Sugar is a great natural exfoliating agent. If you are considering something similar to microdermabrasion stretch marks treatment in Abu Dhabi in your kitchen, sugar is the way to go. You can make a natural scrub by mixing sugar honey and lemon. Apply it to the affected region and massage it gently on to the affected area. Wash it off with warm water. Use this treatment thrice a week for several months. However, if you want quick results it is better to go for cosmetic stretch marks treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Potato juice

Potato juice is well known for its bleaching properties. it is rich in vitamins and minerals as well. it promotes skin restoration if used continuously for longer periods of time. Simply slice a potato and juice it. Store the juice in a fridge. Apply it on stretch marks every night before going to bed for four months to see a visible reduction in stretch marks. it is important to be mindful of the fact that complete elimination of stretch marks is possible only via stretch marks treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Olive oil

Olive oil acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin. get hold of a cold pressed bottle of olive oil. it heals your skin and diminishes stretch marks with continuous usage. Massage the olive oil on your skin for about ten minutes every single day before going to bed. For complete removal of stretch marks, stretch marks treatment in Abu Dhabi is the still a better option. It’s quick, easy and effective.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is well known for anti aging properties. Massaging the area twice a day for several weeks will ensure a marked improvement in stretch marks. For added benefits, you should add grounded coffee into it. Not only, it will help your stretch marks, but your skin will appear baby smooth and soft afterwards.

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