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Eyes are where it all starts but the dark circles around the eyes instantly make the eye look weaker. The whole personality of the person gets in problem due to formation of dark circles. There are several reasons for formation of dark circles around the eyes

  • Aging is the most common factor that affects the whole body of the human beings and dark circles are by product of aging.
  • Liver disease: liver regulates every part of the body and if liver is in problem, it can lead to deficiency in face as well. Liver diseases are said to trigger the dark circles around the eyes as a reaction.
  • Genetics also plays a big role in determining the Dark circles Treatment in Abu Dhabi and it passes down from parents to children. Dark circles are more likely to occur in child whose ancestors were suffering from the dark circles or any symptoms of the problem.
  • Sunlight: long exposure to sunlight also causes formation of dark circles around the eyes. It is the most common element of the dark circles in high temperature zones.
  • Sleep deprivation: sleep cycle is the most important part when it comes to determination of dark circles. Unmanaged and incomplete sleep cycle leads to dark circles and the problem is found in almost all of the youth today. If the sleep cycle is unmanaged for several months, the dark circles tend to get permanent.
  • Nutrition deficiency is another factor that causes the dark circle formation and such condition can only be prevented through the proper diet.
  • Hormones also play a great role in the formation of such dark circles, sometimes the birth pills cause the side effects such as dark circle formation or excessive hair growth in patients by triggering the hormones.


There are several treatments available for the dark circles around the eyes but it is recommended that qualified dermatologist is consulted before looking for answer to how to get rid of dark circles in Dubai. Some of the popular practices to get rid of dark circles are discussed below

 Chemical peels

Chemical peels are the most successful way of Getting rid of dark circles as the chemical peels provide one solution for almost all of the cosmetic problems. The dark circles area is applied with chemical peel formula that causes the skin to blister and eventually peel off. The skin regeneration caused by the chemical peels makes the new skin more tighter and free of dark circles.

Laser treatment

The best answer to how to get rid of dark circles in Dubai is laser treatment as it is non invasive and non surgical. It allows the patient to go back to daily activities after the treatment and no downtime is required by the treatment. It is advised that the direct exposure to sunlight is avoided and the area is not scratched or itched.

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