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Alica Keys is singer, song writer and actor from New York, USA. She began her career in 1996; her debut album was a commercial success that sold more than 12million copies. She has two kids and has been married to Swizz Beatz. She has won over 15 awards and several nominations; she has been on cover of several magazines and has been ranked as number 10 on 100 sexiest artists. Alica Keys is known as the most amazing celebrity of all time and her grace on red carpet has made her prominent in front of paparazi’s. Like every celebrity, she has undergone several treatments to heal her looks and body, over the years her body has gone through several changes with the help of cosmetic surgery and some of the treatments have boosted her personality to a whole new level. Some of the treatments that she went through to achieve her sexy looks are as under


Facelift is a treatment done to boost the facial skin and to make it tighter and brighter, there are several ways to achieve the facelift, procedures such as microneedling treatment, laser treatment, RF Fractional treatment, Chemical peels and Oxygen Facial can be used to achieve the facelift results. Alica Keys got facelift because of excessive wrinkles and fine lines on her body and to boost her face. Skin Whitening and Acne Scar removal can also be achieved with the help of RF treatment, Laser Treatment and Peeling treatment. with advancements in technology, it has become easier and cheap to get the facelift to boost the skin and remove fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, dark circles and to boost the skin tone. The most commonly used treatment to achieve facelift is Laser treatment but Micro-needling treatment, peeling treatment and in some cases RF fractional treatment is also used. Nowadays, Oxygen facial treatment is being used increasingly by Hollywood celebrities before going on stage as it has quick effects and is faster in results.

Oxygen facial

It was introduced as chemotherapy for cancer patients but increasingly got popularity due to its effects on improving the skin tone, the acne scar removal and wrinkles removal. The Oxygen Facial Treatment is so popular that all the celebrities have their own oxygen facial machines to treat themselves from time to time. The treatment is fast in nature and is non invasive so that the patient can resume the daily routine right after the treatment, you can even apply makeup after the treatment and the treatment time is in minutes. The only care advised from the dermatologists is of exposure from sunlight and scratching the treatment area.

Laser treatment

One of the most commonly used famous treatments without any side effects is the laser treatment and it works by applying the laser gun to the treatment area at specific wavelength so that the skin can be healed without causing any damage to other cells of the body. The treatment area is premarked by the dermatologists and the laser gun is used to destroy the infected cells so that the collagen production and cell regeneration can be initiated. The results achieved from the laser treatment vary on the wavelength of the laser gun but normally it can treat all kinds of skin conditions from acne scars to skin tone and from spider veins to varicose veins. You can get your surgical scars removed by the treatment as well. Laser can also be used to destroy the fat cells from the body and it is suspected that Alica Keys used the laser treatment to reduce the post pregnancy cosmetic issues such as excessive weight gain.  Not only the laser is considered as the best option for excessive hair removal but is used by celebrities due to its great effects.


Alica Keys is one of the celebrities who has undergone the facial treatments to get her skin tone boosted and wrinkles removed. Almost all the celebrities undergo cosmetic treatments to maintain their figure; most of the celebrities have their own oxygen facial machines and are the first ones to try such treatments.

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