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Skin Whitening Treatment is a cosmetic procedure which lightens and brightens the skin. It involves resurfacing of various skin tissues and hence offer an even skin tone. It reduces melanin production in one’s body. The use of laser is involved and is especially beneficial when it comes to treating dark patches and spots. The result will be a flawless skin. Skin whitening in Abu Dhabi involves following procedures; chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion. Follow up the five step procedure to achieve brighter complexion.

Visit a dermatologist

If you wish to undergo skin whitening in Abu Dhabi, the first step is to visit a dermatologist in Abu Dhabi. Discuss your considerations in detail. If you have a particular skin tone in mind, you must take it to the skin specialist. Make sure to get a clear picture of after treatment results. Keep your expectations realistic. You cannot go from a being a dark person to a white individual in one single session.

Work through your options

After meeting the skin specialist in Abu Dhabi, you can work through various options. There are various types of skin whitening in Abu Dhabi treatments which include chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing or microdermabrasion. You can select the treatment depending upon your current skin condition and skin tone. Some treatments are more abrasive then other and produce more significant results. Your skin specialist will guide you in the selection of procedure.

Recovery plan

After getting a Skin Whitening in Abu Dhabi, you have to plan according to the recovery phase which is dependent on the procedure. a laser treatment or a chemical peel might take up to a week to recover and heal while dermabrasion might take months before your skin recovers.  Discuss the aftercare with your skin specialist in Abu Dhabi and follow the instructions religiously.


After undergoing skin whitening in Abu Dhabi, you must opt for maintenance if you wish to heal your skin and maintain the results. Make sure to apply sunscreen religiously and wear a hat. If doctor has prescribed any anti biotics, make sure to take them regularly and follow up with the maintenance.

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