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Laser tattoo removal is surely an amazing procedure. However, you cannot take the importance of aftercare for granted.  You can definitely increase the risk of scarring, pain, and infections if you don’t follow the required aftercare regimen.  Fortunately, the aftercare is fairly easy. If you are still confused on what you should do and what you shouldn’t, these 7 tips are all you need for the next few days.

  1. Treatment Area Must be Clean and Dry

Regardless of the chosen procedure for laser tattoo removal in Abu Dhabi, you need to keep the treated area clean and dry at all times to avoid any unwanted infections. Use a gentle cleanser or a soap to wash the treatment site. Make sure to use a hand sanitizer and try not to touch the treatment site. Always pat dry and never rub the treatment site. The doctor will most likely prescribe you topical antibiotics that you will be required to apply on your skin twice or thrice a day. This is the most important tip of all.

  1. Let Scabs and Blisters Heal Naturally

The formation of scabs and blisters is fairly common after a laser tattoo removal in Abu Dhabi. The worst thing you can do at this moment is pop the blisters. I know they are looking ugly at the moment but once they heal, your skin will look impeccable. Not only can this length and the overall healing time, but it can result in permanent scarring with an increased risk of infections.

  1. Do not Scratch Your Skin

I know, I get it that it’s extremely hard to resist your urge to itch the skin but trust me it’s in your best interest. Especially, if you have just undergone laser tattoo removal in Abu Dhabi.  This happens because raw nerve endings are surrounded by new skin cells.  Hydrocortisone is generally a viable option for controlling the situation. Cold compressions can also help.

  1. Limit Your Sun Exposure

Your skin gets really sensitive to sunlight after laser tattoo removal in Abu Dhabi. Use a sterile gauze over an antibiotic cream.  Once your skin heals. It is important to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, preferably SPF 70 or above during the initial few months. After a few days, SPF 25 would be enough.

  1. Use Cold Compressions for Swelling

You will experience slight redness and swelling in the first week, following the treatment. Simply use cold compression thrice a day. It will help you get rid of swelling, redness as well as minimize the urge to itch.

  1. Avoid Swimming and taking baths

Baths, hot tubs, and swimming pools are all a big no no. Opt for a quick shower instead. Soaking the skin for an extended period of time slows can increase the risk of infections and slow down the rate at which your skin heals itself. Be a little cautious. It’s a matter of few days and then you can resume your routine.

  1. Be On the Lookout for Signs of Infection

All the tips mentioned above will definitely minimize the risks of having infections but you still need to be vigilant about it.  Abnormal crusting, oozing, spreading redness/tenderness, bleeding are the basic signs to look for. Immediately notify your dermatologists if you see any of these signs.


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