7 Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Any Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

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Skin Rejuvenation in Sharjah is the new rage for achieving picture-perfect skin. There are many skin care brands which are coming up with at home skin rejuvenation kits. However, there are tons of chemicals that do more harm than good and are found in many skin care products. It is better to go for a product that contains natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Unless you are going for a professional skin rejuvenation in Sharjah treatment by a dermatologist, it is better to stay miles away from these ingredients.

  1. Acrylamide– It is one of the most commonly used ingredients in skin exfoliators. However, many doctors claim that it is one of the major causes of tumors in women. It is better to avoid it all costs.
  2. Fragrance– Ever heard of doctors begging you to stay away from fragrant products. Well, that’s because there are a lot of toxic ingredients found in fragrant products and they can irritate your skin. If you have general allergies and extremely sensitive skin, it is better to avoid fragrant products and go for a laser skin rejuvenation in Sharjah instead.
  3. Mineral Oil– This particular product clogs your pores and makes your skin break out as the toxic materials are trapped inside your skin. Premature aging and photosensitivity are the most common side effects of mineral oil.
  4. Parabens– You have probably heard a lot of nasty things about parabens. They are found in the low quality and cheap skin rejuvenating products. Few types of research show that they can cause cancer as well and inhibit with the body’s natural immune system.
  5. Rancid– Well, rancid is basically a natural emollient which is commonly found in exfoliating masks. It can make your skin appear greasy and can often lead to blotchiness.
  6. Dioxane– It is a product which is extracted from product and is easily absorbed by the skin. it is said to be dangerous for people with inflammatory conditions such as asthma and pollen allergies. If you breathe it, it can result in massive inflammation.
  7. Phenol Carbolic Acid– It is the most dangerous ingredient of all and is responsible for causing circulatory collapse. Look at the ingredient list of your products and throw out all the ingredients which contain it.

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