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We all have seen dermatologist preach about wearing a sun block, each day every day. Yet, none of us take the advice seriously. The reasons for it vary from pure laziness to not knowing why we should wear it every day. The number one thing which ages you like no other is harmful UV Rays. That’s one of the sole reasons why individuals are looking for Anti Aging treatments in Abu Dhabi in their early twenties. What sun block does is that it forms a protective barrier between your skin and the UV rays. It minimizes the sun damage, if not eliminate it completely. Here is a list of top 5 reasons you must wear sun block every single day.

  1. Decreases the possibility of skin cancer

If you do not want to wear sun screen for cosmetic reasons, it is worthwhile to wear one to avoid skin cancer. Research shows that people who spend more than 3 hours in the sunlight without any protective barrier on their skin are more prone to getting skin cancer that those who have a protective barrier on their skin. So wear a sun block of SPF 50 or above, every day before stepping out in the sun.

  1. For avoiding skin darkening

Dark and dull complexion is a problem for many individuals. More and more people are looking for skin whitening and anti aging treatment in Abu Dhabi, owing to awful tanning they acquire from sun. If you want a lighter complexion, it is important to avoid darkening of your skin in the first place. So, if you want a whiter, glowing complexion, slather on some sunscreen.

  1. Avoid premature aging

If you have started to notice fine lines and wrinkles appearing around your eyes, it is probably due to sun damage. You can even consult with your dermatologist in this regard. A dermatologist will guide you better in the selection of your sunscreen and suggest an anti aging treatment in Abu Dhabi if necessary.

  1. Eliminating freckles

Sun spots, also known as freckles take away from the beauty of your skin. If you are tired of covering them up with your foundation and concealer every day, simply try wearing a sun block and watch the freckles slowly go away. Not the most expensive of the skin care creams can eliminate your freckles, if you are not protecting your skin in the first place. So wear a broad spectrum sunscreen, preferable SPF 50 or above.

  1. Avoid uneven skin tone

If you want an even skin tone, sun block can help immensely. Sun Block is a great fix for blotchy, uneven skin tone and pre-mature aging. It is the easiest thing you can do to avoid anti aging treatment in Abu Dhabi.

How to choose the right sun block?

There is a large variety of sun screens available in the market. They range from SPF 15 to SPF 70. You can consult your dermatologists in regards to choosing the right sunscreen for your skin type; oily, dry, combination. Sunscreens are available in the form of creams, lotions, gels and sprays. Choose one according to your skin type. If you don’t want to slather a gazillion products in your face every morning, even when you want to avoid Anti Aging treatment in Abu Dhabi, then choose a multipurpose product. Some of such products include:

  • Tinted moisturizer
  • CC creams
  • BB creams
  • Primers with Sun Screen

All of these products help you achieve the most flawless complexion by working as a moisturizer, giving you a light coverage as well as protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

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