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The skin color is not just an attribute that results due to coincidence. It is defined by the pigments present in the skin. The skin is vulnerable to getting a variety of problems. The dark spots and pigmentation is a common condition found in men and women. There are some treatment options to cure it. In this blog post, we will discuss the top ten causes of the skin pigmentation and Pigmentation Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Main Points Discussed

  • Skin Coloration and Discoloration
  • 10 Causes of Skin Pigmentation
  • Want to Even Out the Skin Tone?
  • Join Us to Beat Pigmentation!

Skin Coloration and Discoloration

The skin is a very sensitive organ that is vulnerable to a variety of problems. The skin can be of a variety of colors ranging from darkest brown to the lightest hues. The human skin color is a result of the pigments. The pigments are found in the skin

We can solve the discoloration problem with Pigmentation Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

10 Causes of Skin Pigmentation

There can be a variety of reasons behind the dark spots.

  1. Stress: It might be a new thing for many that stress can also change the color of the skin. It is one of the causes for discoloration.
  2. Friction: The friction in the skin is often caused to due to many reasons. It is another cause for dark spots.
  3. Cooking: Cooking is another important cause of this issue. It is because the pigmentation can be caused due to the heat. This issue can be avoided by not cooking at a place with high temperature.
  4. Smoking: It is another main cause of That is why the pigmentation is often found in the people who smoke.
  5. Hair Coloring: It might surprise you that hair coloring can also change the color of the skin. It is due to the reason that there are some chemicals in hair coloring products that often transfer to the skin.
  6. Sun Exposure: It is the most common cause of skin discoloration. The sun exposure leads to the sunburn and skin discoloration.
  7. Skin Bleaching: We often bleach the skin to remove unwanted hair. What we do not know is the fact it can also affect the color of the skin.
  8. Perfumed Products: We like body sprays and perfumes very much. Some of the perfumed products can also cause the pigmentation issue.
  9. Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal imbalance is one of the famous skin discoloring cause.
  10. Sub-Standard Skin Products: It is sometimes caused due to the use of sub-standard products.

Wanna Even Out the Skin Tone?

If you are facing uneven skin tone problem, do not worry anymore. We have some treatment options to treat this issue. The list below shows the four famous techniques used in Pigmentation Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Treatment Options:

  • Chemical Peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation
  • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Join Us to Beat This Issue!

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