Spider veins

Spider veinsSpider Veins are one of the most common cosmetic problems that are not commonly diagnosed. Spider veins are small blood vessels that twist and turn causing the blood flow to contain in the vessels resulting in thinning of the wall of the vessels that makes it apparent. Spider veins are mostly formed on the legs and face of the patient and grow worse by every week. Some associate it with heredity whereas some blame the body posture for formation of the spider veins. They can be easily treated by several options and they are harmless in nature but may cause pain and itching every once in a while.

Causes of spider veins

Spider veins are formed when the small valves of the veins stop working and cause the blood to collect in the vessels causing them to thicken enough to be apparent to the human naked eye. Spider veins treatment in Abu Dhabi is possible through different methods; some of those methods are painful whereas other only require numbing of the body part of the affected area to treat the spider veins.

Spider veins are said to be formed due to different conditions but exact reason of the spider veins is yet not known.


If the parents of the patient had the spider vein cosmetic problem then the children are more likely to inherit the problem but it is not necessary that they will show symptoms in early age.

Weight loss

Excessive weight loss or excessive weight gain can lead to the blood vessel blockage in the body causing the spider veins to be formed on different parts of the body.

Hormonal changes

The excessive intake of the estrogen and progesterone pills can cause hormonal change in the body of the patient. Spider veins can also be formed in the body during the pregnancy stages as well. The excessive growth of the teenagers can also cause such spider veins to be formed but they faint over time in most of the cases and Spider veins treatment in Abu Dhabi is not required.

Body posture

Body posture can also cause spider veins if you’ve bent legs or crossed legs for longer period of time and it can also be caused due to cross leg sitting. Exercises that require awkward postures are also said to be cause of the spider veins.  By some experts, another cause of the spider veins are said to be jobs that require a lot of standing like teaching, hair stylists and etc.

Candidate for spider veins treatment

Spider veins are visible on the legs and face. They are one of the ugliest cosmetic problems and in some cases they increase in size enough to embarrass the patient in front of everyone. If you are Patients of spider veins and can’t enjoy little things of life like wearing shorts or swimming due to cosmetic problem then you should try the spider veins treatment in Abu Dhabi. The treatment is non invasive and allows the patient to carry out daily tasks after the procedure.

Spider Veins Treatment

There are two ways to treat the spider veins problem. One is the Sclerotherapy and Laser vein treatment. The Sclerotherapy is a Spider Veins treatment in Dubai procedure that works with injection of the solution in the affected area that closes down the veins whereas the Laser Treatment in Sharjah is noninvasive procedure that deals with laser emission into the veins that causes them to slowly fade away.


Sclerotherapy is one of two Spider Veins treatment in Dubai procedure that works with numbing down the affected area of the body and the needle is injected on the affected area with solution that causes the veins to scar and shut down and eventually they fade away after a while. After Spider Veins treatment in Abu Dhabi The patient is advised bed rest because the affected area is legs most of the time and movement can hurt the patient.

Laser treatment

The best Spider Veins treatment in Abu Dhabi is by laser treatment. The laser gun is used to bombard the affected area with lasers to shut down the veins and they eventually fade away. The patient can continue to carry out all the tasks after the procedure but small itching may be felt after Spider Veins Treatment in Abu Dhabi.


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