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Scar Removal in Abu DhabiScars can be anywhere and can be formed due to any reason. From surgical scars to childhood wounds, the scars form a major part of our lives. In some cultures, the scars are taken as the life achievements. However they are part of the most commonly treated cosmetic problems of today’s world. Any wound can take form of scar. In general the scars can be removed by any cosmetic process as they are the most common type of the cosmetic problem. Actually the human skin is taken as a fine piece of clothing and scars are tearing that causes the whole cloth to look bad.

Types of Scars

The scars are divided into different types based on their working principle and their occurrence. Basically the scars are fibrous tissues that overtake the original skin after the wound.

Keloid scars

Keloid scars are formed due to excessive healing process that is indicated due to big cuts or wounds but deeper small cuts can also because the Keloid scars to be formed. These scars can continue to grow even after the successful recovery. Scar removal in Dubai is done by using non surgical and surgical procedures.

Contracture scars

Contracture scars are caused by the burning of the skin, the most common symptom is tightening of the skin to impair the movement in affected area.

Hypertrophic scars

Kind of scars that are raised from the base are known as hypertrophic scars. They are form of keloid scars but they don’t go beyond the affected area.

Acne scars

Acne scars are the most common type of scars that occur on the skin due to bacterial infection on the Large pores. Dirt, excess of sebum and blockage of oils in the pores gives birth to the large pores. The large pores and acne scars are closely related but acne has additional bacterial infection as the trait.

Atrophic scars

Atrophic scars are those scars that have sunken appearance on the skin surface, they are often taken as opposite of the hypertrophic scars.

Flat/pale scars

The most common type of scars is flat scars and is caused by body’s natural healing process. These scars take a lot of time to cure and normally leave a small mark behind.

Candidates for scar removal Dubai

Scar removal Dubai candidates are those people who ever had a wound in their life and now want their skin to look fresh as before. Scars can take typically 2 years to fade and even after fading they leave a small mark behind.

Pre treatment care

Before going for Scar Removal in Abu Dhabi, it is advised that patient stops using the blood thinning medicines. It is highly recommended that the qualified dermatologist is consulted before undergoing any kind of treatment for scar removal in Dubai. It is also advised that patient

  • Avoids smoking 4 days prior to the Scar Removal in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, avoid alcohol consumption 3 days prior to the treatment.
  • Avoids direct sun exposure to the affected area hours before treatment
  • Makeup and other cosmetics should be avoided on the treatment day

Scar removal Dubai

Based on your skin type, skin tone and sensitivity, you will be assigned the Scar removal treatment in Dubai by the qualified dermatologist. Most of the treatments in Dubai are non-surgical and are operated within an hour. The size of your scar also determines the treatment type for scar removal Dubai. There are several methodologies in use for example

  • Laser treatment: it is the most popular skin treatment for scars; it works in way that laser gun is used to create holes inside the dermis of the affected area. The holes pave the way for the cell regeneration that overtakes the dead cells and results in scar free skin.
  • Micro needling: it is another modern procedure in use. The procedure works in way that micro needles are used to create micro injuries inside the skin and it initiates the natural healing process for a better, scar free skin.
  • RF treatment: Radio frequency treatment uses the Radio Frequency rays to treat the affected area. The injuries are made inside the body to start the healing process.

Post treatment care

Most of the scar removal Dubai treatments are non invasive in nature and allow the patient to go back to daily routine after the treatment however following care shall be taken after the Scar removal in Abu Dhabi.

  • Sun block creams should be used after the treatment and direct sun exposure should be avoided at all costs after the treatment
  • Cheap makeup should always be avoided and herbal makeup should be preferred after the treatment.
  • Treatment may lead to swelling and reddish skin for several hours but if it persists the dermatologist should be consulted.

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