Rosacea treatment

rosacea treatmentRosacea is a common occurring disease that is poorly understood and results in damaging of the skin causing both medical and cosmetic problem. Studies have shown that Rosacea disease affects over 45 million from around the world. The Rosacea disease is affects the face most of the time and causes reddish skin and small red bumps throughout the face. The disease also causes the small blood vessels to become visible on the surface of the skin. The Rosacea disease is permanent in nature and it must be treated by different methodologies. There are several Rosacea treatments in Dubai such as oral medication, creams and avoidance of triggers of Rosacea.


It is a common disease but most of the people mistake them for sensitive skin but it is caused by different factors and should be treated immediately. The known major causes of the Rosacea disease are

  • Direct exposure to sunlight for long period of time.
  • Frequent stress attacks can also trigger the Rosacea disease.
  • Excessive exercise can also trigger the disease.
  • Spicy foods, alcohol, heavy caffeine intake and hot drinks can also cause the Rosacea disease to be triggered.


Symptoms of the Rosacea include the skin turning reddish, the small bumps formation on the face and vessels visibility on the surface of the face. The Rosacea treatment in Dubai can only be done after consultancy from the Dermatologist. The symptoms of the Rosacea disease are as following

  • Occasional flushing on the face that turns permanent and it can grow from cheeks to chin, nose, neck and forehead as well.
  • It also causes dryness on the face.
  • Eye irritation and dryness of the eyes is also associated to the symptoms of the Rosacea.
  • Permanent redness on the skin that grows darker with every passing day.
  • The blood vessels become visible on the face of the patient causing a major cosmetic problem.
  • Pustules and papules are also formed on the surface of the skin. Pustules are pus filled openings that appear on the surface of the skin whereas Papules are red bumps developing from the surface of the skin.
  • Thickening of the skin is also associated to the Rosacea and it causes the skin tissues to be formed around the nose making it look hideous causing a cosmetic and respiratory problem.

Rosacea Treatment in Dubai

If you are suffering from some of the symptoms of the Rosacea then you should consult the Best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi for the treatment. Rosacea is treated by different methodologies such as medications, creams and home remedies but only laser treatment has proven to cure the Rosacea disease. The Rosacea disease treatments are given below.


Rosacea treatment in Dubai is also done with the help of herbal medicines but they take months to heal the patient and also are made up of complicated formula.


Several types of pill treatment for Rosacea are available and they are quite helpful in getting rid of the disease but chances of side effects from these pills are higher than the cure.


Anti-biotic creams are available in the market that can be applied for Rosacea Treatment in Dubai. They not only take long time to cure the disease but also cause other infections like itching and swelling on the affected area and in some cases can also lead to severe acne attack.

Laser Treatment

Rosacea treatment in Abu Dhabi is permanently possible with the help of laser treatment. The laser treatment is noninvasive way of getting rid of the Rosacea disease and it is permanent in nature. Laser beam is applied to the affected part of the skin that causes holes in the affected part. The holes lead to the regeneration of the new healed skin cells that replace the old Rosacea affected Skin Cells.

Laser is the latest technology treatment for Rosacea and it allows the patient to continue their routine after the treatment. The laser treatment isn’t harmful in any way and has 100% success rate.

Post treatment

After Rosacea treatment you continue to carry out other activities but the direct sun light must be avoided for first several hours. After the treatment it is advised to take rest for few hours so that the tissues can regenerate easily. The Rosacea treatment doesn’t hurts but after the procedure small itch may be felt on the treated surface. Heavy duty sun block creams are advised after the treatment. Dermatologist must be consulted if any change in skin of the affected area is felt after procedure.

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