Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency TreatmentWorld is entering non invasive methods to cure the diseases and same is the case with cosmetic surgeries. The Radio Frequency treatment is one of the most successful non invasive methods to cure the wrinkles and other cosmetic problems. The Radio Frequency treatment works in way that radio waves are penetrated through the skin delivering heat waves to the skin and tissues of the body. The tissues In return release the collagen for repairing of the damaged cells.

Working of Radio Frequency Treatment

The Radio Frequency devices are used to bombard the skin with heat signatures. RF devices like Accent, Pelleve, Thermage and Tripolar are used to send down the Frequency signals, these devices have different frequency of heat signatures and are effective for different treatments depending on the layers of the skin they penetrate. Nowadays almost all the cosmetic problems can be cured with the help of Radio Frequency treatment in Abu Dhabi.
Healing process of the Radio Frequency Treatment is as tissue contraction due to heat signature causes the tightness of the skin whereas the collagen produced by tissues due to heat repairs the damaged cells and improves the skin tone. The wrinkles, scars and dark spots issues are removed by skin contraction and acne is treated by healing mechanism of the collagen.

Ideal candidate for Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency Treatment in Dubai is an ideal treatment process for those who want to use the non invasive method to deal with the cosmetic problems. Radio Frequency treatment is used to cure the forehead, neck, jaw line and cheeks and tightens the skin for a younger look. Ideal candidate for the procedure are patients under sixty as the skin tightening has minor or no effects on above sixty patients. Ideal candidates for Radio Frequency treatment in Abu Dhabi are also those people who want to go back to work just after the procedure and can’t take proper care after the procedure.

Care of Radio frequency

It is recommended that before undergoing Radio Frequency treatment in Dubai, qualified dermatologist must be consulted for advice and guidance on which area to treat and which one to ignore. Before undergoing the treatment the patient should stop

  • Alcohol before one week
  • Smoking cigarettes three days before the procedure
  • Skin products should be avoided at all costs
  • Makeup should be avoided at all costs before the Radio Frequency treatment in Dubai.

Radio Frequency Treatment

The Radio Frequency device is used to penetrate the radio waves in the cells of the affected area of the body in order to start the regeneration process. The affected areas include the jaw line, forehead, cheeks, neck, under eyes and mid-face. The treatment is non invasive and allows the patient to return to the daily tasks after the treatment but during the treatment mild itching and swelling may be felt. Radio Frequency treatment in Dubai is done by applying anesthetic cream on the face to numb the region and a coupling gel may be used to provide a barrier between the skin and the RF device. Radio Frequency waves are then applied to the affected area of the body which normally takes from 30-40 minutes and cell regeneration and skin tightening is initiated in the affected area.

Post Treatment

The procedure of the treatment is simple and is completed within an hour. The patient can easily go back working with daily routine after the treatment as noninvasive methods are painless. Radio Frequency treatment in Abu Dhabi may cause itching to the affected area but it goes away after some hours. Shortly after the treatment, you can feel skin tightening right away but results of the treatment can be completely felt in several hours.  The complete treatment is done in couple of sessions and results last for some years depending on type of the treatment procedure.

It is recommended to avoid the direct exposure to the sun light. Sun creams should be used more after the treatment and make up of every kind should be avoided in first week of Radio Frequency Treatment in Dubai.

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