Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

In the world where Selfies are the most important concern of the current population and the biggest trend for teens is dog filter; the facial beauty is of uttermost importance. Unfortunately the cosmetic problems are on rise since the last decade and today almost every individual is suffering from a cosmetic problem. The cosmetic problems are of different kinds some cause large scars to appear on the skin due to dirt whereas some are result of early childhood infection, some are due to birthmarks and some are due to accidents. Nowadays every cosmetic problem is curable and gone are the days when you needed to get under the knife treatment to cure the cosmetic problems as nowadays all of the cosmetic treatments can be done without causing any pain and only pain that’s felt is of itching or swelling after the treatment. With advancements in technology, the downtime of most of the treatments has been reduced to none and only care required after the treatment is avoidance of direct exposure from sunlight.


There are several successful treatments that have been revolutionized but the most prominent treatment available is the laser pigmentation treatment in Dubai. Pigmentation disease causes unevenness in the skin color. The skin either gets darker or lighter than the original skin tone causing cosmetic problems; there are several causes for pigmentation disease such as

  • Hormonal imbalance: hormonal imbalance is known as the root cause for almost half the cosmetic problem, it can be triggered due to birth control pills or during pregnancy.
  • Acne scars can lead to the pigmentation issue and in many cases causes permenant pigmentation that requires serious treatment.
  • Exposure to the sunlight for longer period of time can also trigger the pigmentation issue.
  • Picking on the skin is also known as a trigger for the pigmentation issue.


Laser pigmentation treatment is advised for the issue as it is non invasive and non surgical but there are two types of pigmentation issues and each is different from one another. Pigmentation is a vast subject as it includes Freckles, Hyper-Pigmentation, Age Spots, Post-Acne Pigmentation, Melasma, Solar Lentigines and several other skin tone issues. Basically all the skin tone issues are considered as the pigmentation issues.

Solar Lentigines

Solar Lentigines are basically result of sunburn and are known as sunspots. Lighter skin are more prone to the problem as they are in form of dark circles and are irregular in shape. The skin texture isn’t affected by the solar Lentigines but the dark patterns cause the pigmentation to appear as a serious cosmetic problem.

Age spots

Age spots are also called as liver spots and they tend to develop after the age crosses 40 however in cases of liver failure, the age spots can appear before age. They are oval in size and are in different colors.  Age spots are considered as the most prominent cause of the laser pigmentation treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Post acne

After the acne scars are gone, the post acne pigmentation marks take place of the affected area causing another cosmetic problem. The red post acne marks are due to broken capillaries whereas the dark ones are due to overproduction of melanin. Post acne scars take from months to years to fade off and that’s the reason why pigmentation treatment is recommended so that the cosmetic condition can be treated quickly and naturally.

Post Inflammatory scars

Post inflammatory scars are caused due to healing of an inflammatory wound, they are usually tan and dark in color and heal slower than the usual scars. Deep wounds can also cause the post inflammatory pigmentation to appear as it causes the body to produce more melanin which in return causes the condition.

Melasma treatment

Melasma is known as the brown patches on the several parts of the body. When it occurs during the pregnancy, it is called as mask of the pregnancy. The normal place of occurrence is upper cheeks but is also apparent on forehead, upper lips, cheeks and chin.


Uneven skin tone is the major reason of the pigmentation on the body and it is caused by several factors mentioned above. Over production of melanin is known as the biggest cause of the pigmentation on the body and the condition is called skin discoloration.

Treatments for skin pigmentation

Skin pigmentation treatments are of several types, nowadays so you’ve plenty of skin pigmentation treatments to choose from based on the skin type. Qualified Best Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi should be consulted to determine the best treatment with minimum side effects.

Topical treatment

Cream treatments are the most common treatments available for the pigmentation issue. The cream needs to be applied regularly on the body of the infection and takes about a year to completely fade the pigmentation. It is rather cheaper procedure and is readily available.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are good for some pigmentation causes as in inflammatory scars scenario, the chemical peels may not work correctly. Chemical peels formula is good for almost every kind of cosmetic issue as the skin is replaced in this method in a natural way and the formula used in the treatment minimizes side effects. Pigmentation treatment in Dubai is mostly done through chemical peels as it provides precise results and different layers can be targeted by changing the formula.

Micro-needling treatment

Micro-needling treatment for pigmentation in Abu Dhabi is another successful method as the needles are applied precisely to the affected area of the body and helps in pinpointing the pigmentation. Micro needling includes minor pain during the procedure and that’s the reason why aesthetics are applied before using micro-needling gun on the surface of the skin. For better results the Radio frequency based needling gun can be used to provide better results and in depth treatment for Pigmentation in Dubai.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is the most successful way of Pigmentation treatment in Abu Dhabi. It works by applying the laser gun with adjusted wave length on the surface of the infected area of the skin. Laser creates holes in the affected cells of the body paving the way for cell regeneration and collagen production. In this way the newly generated skin is free of acne scars and pigmentation issues. Laser treatment is non-invasive and non surgical method meaning patient doesn’t has to go through knife surgery or face any downtime after the treatment. The only care after the treatment is avoidance of sunlight for couple of days.

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