Lipolysis Treatment

Lipolysis TreatmentAccording to World Health Organization, Obesity is the biggest concern of today’s health world and by the year of 2025, half the world will be suffering from it. Extra fats on body are not just a cosmetic problem but root to many of the health problems as well and nothing challenges fitness like Obesity does. With extra body fats limit user from daily activities and even limit the person from moving around as well.  Lipolysis is a treatment for obesity that cures the patient at fastest rate possible. Not only this, Lipolysis is effort free cure for obesity patients and allows them to get rid of double chin in matter of days.  Lipolysis treatment is here to free the patients from extra body fats and helps patient to get desired body.

Disadvantages of obesity

A fat person is deprived off from doing his day to day tasks, take part in extracurricular activities and being fat opens gateway to several other medical problems.

  • Breathing becomes increasingly difficult for fat person and even the smallest walk turns out to be full twenty minutes heavy breath.
  • Fat person isn’t able to run at all even long walks are a big problem for a person with extra fat.
  • Fat people can’t tie their shoes
  • Fat people suffer more heart diseases and back pain
  • Diabetes becomes next stage after obesity
  • Vehicle seats, cinema seats don’t adjust.


Lipolysis treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the most successful way of losing extra body weight. Basically it is a gentle non-surgical method of losing excessive weight from the body. Being non-surgical means it allows the patient to continue their daily routine after procedure. The success rate of the Lipolysis is said to be over 99%.



Lipolysis treatment in Dubai is must if you are looking for long term results and since new technology is implemented during the Lipolysis procedure, people from any age group or any gender can apply for the Lipolysis but it is advised that you consult your Dermatologist before undergoing the Lipolysis treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Preparation before treatment

Before Lipolysis treatment in Dubai

  • You should discontinue taking any kind of blood related medications atleast three weeks before the treatment.
  • You should try to stop smoking two-three weeks prior to the treatment
  • Consumption of alcohol should also be stopped three weeks before that
  • Atleast four Healthy meals should be taken before the treatment.

Parts of treatment of Lipolysis

Lipolysis is generally done on the parts of body which cannot be changed completely with the dieting or the training.  Such parts of body are Thighs, Buttocks, Hips, Stomach and Chin. After lipolysis is done to the part of body, you can easily go on carrying the daily tasks. It takes multiple sessions to cure the whole body. The only thing you’ve to take care after surgery is avoid massaging the affected area.

How Lipolysis works

Lipolysis is basically the breakdown of the stored fats in the fat cells and as the result; fatty acids are broken down and start flowing into bloodstream. The procedure is virtually painless and allows the patient to resume working in his daily routine without any problem. If you are looking for the best Lipolysis Treatment in Abu Dhabi, then you should consider consulting your dermatologist before undergoing the operation.


The treatment can melt any fat wherever it is injected so it is quite powerful and effective, it should be noticed that it needs to be injected on the desired part to get desired results. The most important part of the treatment in Dubai is that it eliminates the double chin in matter of days. Effectiveness of the treatment is that there has been no case of failure in Lipolysis treatment.

Expectations after treatment

After the treatment you’ve to just avoid massaging or touching the affected area for couple of hours and you will be able to see the results within one week but it is advised to get yourself checked by dermatologist and take regular sessions of the treatment to get the best result. It should be noticed that only way to keep Lipolysis effect forever is not to gain weight again.

Outcomes of the treatment

You can get your desired body after the treatment and lose the weight permanently without undergoing any knife treatment. Treatment is easy but requires couple of the visit sessions and any age group can participate in the treatment. The extra fats of the body can be eliminated permanently with just one treatment and there’s no bed rest required before or after the treatment.

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