Laser Photo Rejuvenation

Skin is the organ that serves as a barrier between the outer environment and flesh of the body. Being exposed to environment makes it prone to several problems both cosmetic and medical. Cosmetic problems like acne, birthmarks, scars, stretch marks, spider veins, port wine stains and dark circles make the kin look awkward and pave the way for depression. Cosmetic problems don’t fade away naturally and need to be treated; Laser Photo Rejuvenation is a treatment procedure that allows the patient to get rid of all the cosmetic problems in one go. The biggest treatment target of Laser Photo Rejuvenation in Abu Dhabi is aging and skin sagging.

Areas covered by treatment

Laser Photo Rejuvenation in Abu Dhabi tends to heal all the cosmetic problems with its lasers and the major cures provided by the treatment are as under

  • Epelides: they are most commonly known as freckles and are represented as clusters of melamine cells that cause overproduction of melanin granules. The change in color of the out skin is the most common symptom of the freckles and is known as keratinocytes. It is common cosmetic problem among the fair colored people and with the help of Laser Photo Rejuvenation in Abu Dhabi, it can be cured permanently.
  • Rhytide: commonly known as wrinkles, the wrinkles are caused by aging process and can also be trigged due to long immersion in water. The wrinkles are formed on same pattern of the facial expressions, mostly due to aging but can also be caused by poor hydration, smoking and sun damage.
  • Rosacea is caused due to dilated blood vessels on the skin surface. Rosacea beings with the redness on the skin and tends to grow as bumps on the surface of the skin. Rosacea is said to affect the cheeks, nose and forehead but also can be found on the ears, scalp, chest and neck.
  • Scars are marks that are left after an injury and are caused by collagen of the body while repairing the wounded area. Laser photo rejuvenation treatment in Dubai covers the scars as well.
  • Acne/Large pores is the biggest cosmetic problem till date and it is said to have affected everyone atleast once in their lifetime. The acne is caused by blockage of pores due to excess of sebum, oils and dirt in the pore of the skin. They can be easily treated by laser photo rejuvenation treatment in Dubai.
  • Sun damaged skin is also treated by the laser photo rejuvenation treatment in Abu Dhabi and it oxidizes the skin to make it appear better and fresher than before.

How it works

Laser Photo Rejuvenation in Dubai works in way that IPL device is used to emit high intensity light to the dermis of the skin causing the body to produce more collagen and the heated affected area boosts the cell regeneration. The collagen is used to cure the wrinkles, dark sports and acne whereas the regenerated cells overtake the dead skin cells to return oxidized skin which is brighter and fresher than the previous. Laser Photo Rejuvenation treatment in Dubai also causes tightness of the skin. The most important thing about the laser photo rejuvenation treatment in Dubai is that it can be used on any skin type and on anywhere on the body of the patient allowing the patient to treat any kind of acne scars, birthmarks, port wine stains, Dark circles and scars.


Laser Photo rejuvenation treatment in Dubai is capable of healing the aging process and returns glowing fresh skin to patient. The required treatments for complete therapy are four to eight times.  It is non invasive procedure that allows the patient to return to normal tasks after the treatment. The non-surgical treatment is harmless and requires no care however it is advised that

  • Before undergoing the Laser photo rejuvenation treatment in Dubai, Dermatologist must be consulted and skin should be examined prior to treatment.
  • Before undergoing the treatment, the patient must stop taking blood thinning medicines.
  • Use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes should be stopped 4 days prior to the procedure and even after five days of laser Photo Rejuvenation.
  • Direct exposure to the sunlight must be avoided at all cost before undergoing the treatment and till three days of treatment, direct sunlight should be avoided and sun block creams should be used.
  • Cheap cosmetic makeup should be avoided and if required, herbal makeup should be used but after five days of treatment.

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