Laser Liposuction in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Liposuction in DubaiLiposuction was introduced in order to get the fats removed from the body which were hard to remove through exercise but now it can be used to treat the fat areas of the body. The liposuction is successful procedure but requires consultancy from the qualified dermatologist first. The liposuction is said to shape the body and has no association with body weight reduction. Laser Liposuction in Dubai is slightly different than the simple Liposuction in Dubai.

Liposuction features

  • Laser liposuction in Dubai allows the patient to lose weight on the most prominent parts of the body where losing fats is nearly impossible
  • The results are quick and are long lasting in nature
  • You don’t have to waste months in other diet or pill procedures

Simple liposuction

The liposuction is a painful method that requires body to be cut down on several sides and requires a suction tube to be inserted on the body in order to remove the fats. The suction tube is move back and forth to lighten up the fats of the body so that extra body fats can be removed and the aesthetics are applied to the body part being treated in order to numb the pain down. The patient is required to take medication to cure the pain and the patient is required to wear the belt to prevent infection and pain for several weeks after the operation.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is non surgical procedure that uses laser energy to reduce the fat of the patient without any cuts or any suction material. The laser light is used to weaken the Adipocyte cells that makes the cells release their fats naturally and doesn’t cause any pain during the procedure. Laser Liposuction in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is faster than simple liposuction procedure and allows the patient to carry out the normal tasks after the procedure.

Determining the best

Simple liposuction is the old procedure that provides great results but takes a lot of time to heal the patient and have to numb the whole body in big cases to operate. The tube needs to be inserted inside the body in order to remove the fat and it takes several weeks for patient to return to normal routine. The death rate of simple liposuction is one in every thousand and the swelling is a must for simple liposuction.
Whereas for the laser liposuction you can get your extra fats broken down without need of any harsh cutting and it also allows you to return to the normal routine instantly. Laser Liposuction is safer way to treat the body parts which are hard to cut down by exercise. The body parts that can be treated via laser liposuction are Abdomen, Thighs, Knees, Arms, Face, back Rolls, Chest, Neck and hips.

Laser Liposuction candidates

Laser liposuction is two times safer than the traditional procedure but the success rate of the laser liposuction depends on the health of the patient. The ideal candidate for laser Liposuction in Dubai is as under

  • The patient must have stable weight for over three months to six months
  • The patient must not be taking any other severe medications
  • The patient must be exercising daily and keeping good health
  • Over 20 years of age.

Care before the procedure

To prepare for the Laser Liposuction in Dubai, the candidate ought to

  • Consult the qualified Dermatologist expert before undergoing any cosmetic treatment
  • Quit smoking three weeks prior undergoing the treatment process.
  • Alcohol must be avoided for a week before the procedure
  • Blood thinning medications should be stopped

Care after the procedure

After the procedure the patient must

  • Cold compresses to minimize the swelling of the treated area.
  • take the diet approved by the qualified dermatologist for several weeks
  • It is advised to follow the diet chart from nutrition expert to avoid further consequences in the near future.
  • The Laser liposuction in Abu Dhabi candidate is advised to undergo the medical tests first before taking the Laser liposuction and it is advised to go for essential parts only.
  • Daily exercise is advised to the patient after the procedure so that fats may not develop on the same area ever again.

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