Large Pores

Large PoresLarge pores are one of the most prominent skin diseases of today, although most of the people mistake them as acne but these two are different diseases and are caused by different conditions. Basically pores are microscopic openings on the hair that are suppose to keep the skin motorized but in some conditions the pores get large and cause cosmetic problems in both genders alike.

Why large pores are caused:

Although they are suppose to keep the skin moisturized but due to dead cells, excess of sebum on skin and dirt large pores are formed on the surface of the skin. In some cases they are caused by excess of expired/low quality foundation applied to the face for longer period of time that causes blockage in pores leading to dead cells. These pores can become long enough to be visible to naked eyes and cause cosmetic problems in both men and women. Dirty skin can be caused by any condition and during teen years, you are most likely to get the disease atleast once.

Large pores and Acne:

They resemble acne but both are different diseases. The Acne is caused by the bacteria infection whereas the Large pores Treatment can be formed once you’ve got dead cells, excessive sebum and dirty skin. Although both the diseases exist with same symptoms and cause same cosmetic but large pores have different methodology to be treated whereas the acne has different way of treatment.

Who should get the laser treatment

Simple pores are part of body and allow the body to get rid of excessive oils and help to keep the body moisturized but dead cells, sebum and dirt give birth to large pores and they must be treated if you are older than 20 years old because they will become permanent after this age. Also if you have thick and oily skin, your only way of getting rid of Large pores in Dubai is laser treatment.

Treatment for Large Pores

They can easily be cured nowadays and they are categorized into two major ways to treat the Large pores in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

  • Painful treatment
  • painless treatment

Painful treatments:

Painful treatments are those processes that cause pain to the patient during cure or those which take awfully long time to cure the patient. Some of those practices are

  • Injections
  • Herbals
  • Pills
  • micro needling
  • Skin brushes
  • Creams

Micro needling

Micro needling is famous way to get rid of Large pores in Abu Dhabi. It also is one of the most painful ways to cure as it is directly applied to the skin and it works on principal that micro needles are injected to the body causing micro injuries that generates the skin healing and repair process that overtakes the dead large pores and gives the patient a new collagen. Micro needling causes the face to turn red for few days and causes a lot of pain during the operation.


Injections work in way that they are applied directly to the skin of the patient that starts healing the skin directly. Large pores in Dubai are being treated by injections but it is painful as the injection not only causes pain but also causes swelling in some cases.


Although herbals are not painful but they are the most time consuming ways to cure Large pores in Dubai. They take time to heal through herbal medicines and often they react to the body causing damage instead of curing the large pores.


There are several successful pills available in the market that can cure the large pore disease in Abu Dhabi but they are time consuming and about 30% of the pill users have reported that they faced severe medical reactions after consumption of pills.

Skin brushes

Skin brushes are easiest way to get rid of the Large pores Treatment in Dubai but the after effects have been proved to be devastating as it causes dryness and redness to the skin for fairly long time. Ultimate use of skin brushes causes acne instead of removing the pores.


Beauty care creams are available in the market that can prove to cure the large pores but they need to be applied to the body for at-least 30 hours before you can see the actual permanent results.

Painless treatment

The most famous and easiest way to get rid of large pores without having to endure any pain or having to wait for one week for results is Laser Treatment in Abu Dhabi. Laser treatment is painless treatment as it doesn’t effects the body in any negative way and also doesn’t feels bad as needling or injections. The laser treatment for large pores in Dubai is budget friendly and you can see the effects in just one session. The large pore laser treatment in Abu Dhabi is considered by the doctors from all over the world as it has 100% effectiveness and also provides the patient with fair skin in Dubai for longer period of time.


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