Green Peels Treatment

Green peels TreatmentThe skin is the most sensitive part of the human body and even a small wound can cause scars for couple of years. Small particles of dirt can cause enlargement of pores, and a minor infection can cause marking on the surface of the skin. Undoubtedly the skin has been major concern of the medical field for long and over the years several methods have been developed to treat the skin cosmetic problems. The problem with the skin is that it differs from human to human and the chance of side effects due to medical treatment stays in consideration even after the most technological advancement. For example the laser treatment is not for dark skinned people as it causes pigmentation on dark skin tones. The only way to treat the skin problems without any negative side effects is to use the herbal medicines.

Green peels

Green peels are the natural treatment in Dubai that is mixed with modern techniques to provide the best cosmetic treatment to the patient without any side effects. Herbal formula is used to peel off the skin and to speed up the healing process of the body.

Treatment days

The green peels are further divided into different types based on the days of the treatment.

  • On the very first day of the treatment the outermost layer of the skin will tighten and will become reddish.
  • Second and third day the skin renewal process starts with the commerce of peeling.
  • Fourth and fifth day the regeneration of the skin starts and you will have a completely new tighten skin by the end of the 5th day, completely new outer layer of the skin will have taken over.

Herbs used in treatment

The newly peeled skin is fresh and free of wrinkles and scars. The Green peels treatment in Dubai comes in several packages based on the herbals used. The treatment is ideal for every kind of candidate because it uses natural occurring herbs and acids to regenerate the body cells. The most common type of the herbals used in Green peels treatment are

  • Natural acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Enzymes
  • Herbs like aloe Vera are used for post treatment facial.

Green peels treatment areas

Green peels treatment in Abu Dhabi is not only good for scars but it also cures the problems like wrinkles and birthmarks. The green peels are said to be one of the most comprehensive treatment options that can cure almost all the cosmetic problems without any negative side effects. The complete treatment procedure of the green peels is said to cure the following problems

  • Oxidize the skin, making it appear fresher and lighter.
  • Skin tone treatment for brighter skin tone
  • Removal of Large pores skin, skin impurities and acne.
  • Treatment of sun damaged skin, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation, all kinds of scars and skin issues on all parts of the body.
  • Anti aging treatment is offered by the green peels that include treating the wrinkles, spots, skin sagging and skin tone.

Ideal candidate:

The ideal candidates for the green peels are the people who want to have an oxidized fresh skin without any negative side effects. People from every age and every color are ideal candidates for the Green peels treatment in Abu Dhabi. Spare five days are required as the natural course for peeling is taken by the procedure for long lasting results. Green peels treatment in Abu Dhabi is successful because of it suitability for every kind of candidate regardless of skin tone and age factor.

Preparing for the treatment

The treatment takes five days but during that time the patient can carry out the routine tasks without any problem. While undergoing the treatment process,

  • the patient must not take any kind of medical drug or consume alcohol,
  • Even after a week of procedure; the patient should avoid using any kind of drugs or cigarettes.
  • Makeup should be avoided during the procedure and after the green peels treatment in Abu Dhabi cheap or expired makeup shall not be used.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided during the procedure and after the treatment heavy sun block creams shall be used.

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